It’s A Wrap!

Hello My Pretti’s,

I have always loved comfortable, cute clothing. Such as my basic maxi skirt and tee shirt combo, which I often toss on to run errands. At my age I never sacrifice comfort for style, and the great thing is you don’t have too. I have noticed since I have been on my “make everything I wear war path” a lot of designers are making some really stylish, cool & COMFORTABLE patterns these days.

One pattern I can now add to my group of stylish & cool, yet really comfortable is the Kielo wrap dress from Named patterns. OH BOY is this dress so worth the sew.

I grabbed the Kielo Wrap dress PDF pattern a while back. The PDF pattern was very easy to cut out and assemble. The instructions were clear and simple to follow. I must say it was a very smooth, quick sew. The dress construction looks more complex than the sew.

After purchasing this pattern I truly ponded whether or not to make the Kielo. My thoughts were it was WAYYYYY (maybe one more Y) to much hip attention. I just kept looking at the pattern design saying to myself, will this suit my shape. After reviewing the March Challenge for The Monthly Stitch, “The Last One Standing”, I noticed the Kielo dress listed and my opportunity (or excuse) to finally give this dress a sew.


Knit fabrics were used to make this dress. Both fabrics were purchased from Joann’s craft stores. The print fabric is Nicole Miller. The green fabric was on sale and at time of purchase I was like what in the world would I make with it, BUT IT WAS ON SALE, smiles. Both these fabrics had been in my stash for some time, so I was more than happy to make room. I was going to do a solid color dress, but I didn’t have enough of the green, so I went back into my stash and noticed the Nicole Miller matched very nicely.

While I was sewing the dress I was very anxious, because I couldn’t wait to try it on. Once finally done with this sew, WOW, was I pleased. First of off, let’s talk about the wrap styling, Super FUN.

I think I wrapped and re wrapped the dress like 10 times.

I adore the way the dress wraps, I’m a hippie gal and this really coddles the hip area in a tasteful way.

Oh and Hi5 to myself for the fabric combo. The combo worked out really nicely, this will be a summer go to dress.

AND YES, I will be making another Kielo. Believe or not I’m thinking I would love this in a nice floral print, for the summer! Yup I envision my in a cute floral dress, on a warm summer day, rocking my shades and some Keds, smiles!

Until we sew again My Pretti’s keep “Embracing the PrettiModesti in YOU!”

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