IPM2017: Contest Vote – You Decide!

It’s the announcement you’ve been waiting for…we hope…oh yes that’s right, it’s time to talk INDIE PATTERN MONTH!

Every June here at The Monthly Stitch is Indie Pattern Month.

It’s kind of a big deal for us so planing starts early…or slightly late if life has gotten in the way…not to worry, we’re deep in planning mode right now! 🙂

This will be our fifth year and as always it’s all about you guys so your editors are looking for your input.

We have a ton of ideas collected over the last four years and we’ve collated the best of the best all together in a long loooooong list.

There are so many we need your help! 🙂

As usual there will be four competitions, one for each week of June. Tell us which competitions you’d like to see by selecting your FOUR favourites in the poll below.

Some are a little bit general and some we have ideas to expand on if they get your vote so don’t be concerned if they seem a little bit vague at the moment 😉

You can select up to FOUR options before you submit your vote.

The poll will be open for 1 week, closing on Sunday 9th April so have your say quickly!

We’re really excited to see what ideas make it through.

Happy sewing xx

3 thoughts on “IPM2017: Contest Vote – You Decide!

  1. A great idea, I didn’t choose a dress or smart outfit as there are a lot of vintage challenges and they seem to be more formal so I chose something different! Am interested to see what wins!


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