Peg Pinnies

Hiya gorgeous sewists,

Don’t you love it when your sewing plans align with challenges… that is to say I know it’s a challenge and designed to give me some sewing mojo but now and again I have the mojo but not the time.

I absolutely love peg pinnies and when a friend used our house over summer she mentioned how much she liked one and how she didn’t have one. Now please tell me y’all have one because – so much easier than chasing the pegs around the washing line in a plastic basket or bending down every 5 seconds, or, worst of all leaving the pegs randomly all over the washing line and having to unpeg before pegging – say it isn’t so!

peg pinnySo I whipped up a couple of very simple peg pinnies using fat quarters in my stash that I didn’t particularly like any more.

Nice deep pocket with a large velcro centre so the pegs don’t fall out, bias binding around the edges and boom! Done.

I think these would also make super simple and practical gifts for other people.

love you more than a sunny washing day

miriam x

4 thoughts on “Peg Pinnies

  1. Brilliant! I seem to remember my Mum had one of these…we have our pegs going mouldy on the line – you’ve inspired me to do something about it!


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