an apron-y Kielo dress

I’ve made less of an apron & more of a dress with apron-ish elements. This is the Kielo dress from Named Patterns, sewn up in a Tetris print jersey fabric from Spoonflower. It is cleverly designed to expand into “wings” at the side waist area, which are wrapped around the body (front or back–I personally prefer wrapping in front) & secured with ties, not unlike an apron. Right? I had to go kind of conceptual for this challenge. We already have one nice spring green canvas apron in our house. We didn’t really need another iteration.


I had three yards of this fabric, but because I wanted to keep the heavier border print at the hemline, & the fabric had a border only along one selvage, I had to shorten the design from its original maxi length. I also toyed with trying to put the border along the sides or cutting the bodice & skirt separately (they are all one piece) to put the border at the waistline, but since this was my first time working with this pattern, I ultimately decided to keep it simple.

The pattern came together really quickly & is deceptively simple & easy to wear. I dressed it up just a touch by finishing the neckline with glittery fold-over elastic. I don’t wear jewelry, but the sparkly neckline & matching glittery black Toms are all I need to make this look like a fully accessorized & pulled-together outfit. The downside is the glittery elastic is insanely itchy!


I’ll spare you all my usual novel-length posts & just tell you that you can get all the details on this make over on my blog. I will note that while I took the photos of the dress being modeled by my dress form (an amazingly cheap local Craig’s List find–a Wolf dress form from 1942!), my four-year-old daughter took the photos of me. She did a surprisingly good job!


4 thoughts on “an apron-y Kielo dress

  1. looks great Ciara, and I love the print you chose. This is such a versatile pattern, I’ve never seen a version of it that didn’t look good.


    • I agree about the versatility! I had written it off as too fancy for me, but it’s so wearable, & in a silly print like this, really not fussy at all.


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