Easy Birdy Tshirt 

I’m was so glad when the Vote for June turned in my favour and had the Put a Bird on it Theme. I have been trying to steer away from my floral obsession and there are so many gorgeous bird patterns around at the minute so you might hear from me more than once this month!! 

In a bid to make more Separates recently I turned to this pattern. 

It’s Mccalls M6927. It’s a super easy pattern which I can see becoming a firm favorite. It comes together really quickly and has lots of different options. I made view C which has a simple Tshirt shape and a straight hem with sleeves. I cut the back piece on the fold rather than 2 pieces so it was even quicker! 

I made it using this lovely turquoise with bird shapes on it, which was an absolute bargain from The Textile Centre. I love the colour and the subtlety of the birds on this. It’s a light cotton/linen which is perfect for spring /summer. 

I wore it on my holidays in Bamburgh with shorts for a casual look. 

If you want to read a little more please see my blog. 

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