this bird has flown

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to do one of the monthly challenges, since I was pregnant until 2 months ago and I’m currently in that not-fun transitional stage where I don’t want to do any heavy fitting until I drop some of the baby weight. So I was really excited that things actually aligned for this month’s theme and some fabric that I recently treated myself to!

IMG_4942 I was really excited to find this “Hello Love” fabric collection on my Instagram, because they’re all loosely based on Beatles songs, and I grew up listening to them very regularly. (By the way, if you ever wanted fabric with a floral octopus print, now’s your chance.) This particular one was based on the song “Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)”. I’m all about subtle geekiness in my clothes, so a skirt that pays tribute to one of my all time favorite bands without being really obvious about it is perfect!

The skirt pattern is the Rae by Sewaholic. It’s just a super-simple A-line skirt with an elastic waist, which makes it a quick sew, unless you’re trying to juggle naptimes for two kids under age 2. I probably would have avoided this pattern before kids, but it’s been great for all of the weight fluctuations that have come with two pregnancies that close together, so it’s nice to feel like I made something that I’ll be able to wear for years and not just until I eventually manage to get rid of some of these extra pounds. Which is why it’s the fourth one I’ve made since my first pregnancy ended.

IMG_4948 It probably won’t be my last, either. Sometimes you just need a more or less instant gratification project. (Baby was getting fussy here, so you get a little photobomber.)

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    • The octopus print was really cool, and I did seriously debate that one, since it’s the print that drew my attention to the collection. But I ended up deciding that this more monochromatic print would be a more versatile addition to the wardrobe.


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