A tunic birdie

When I saw the theme this month I knew exactly which fabric I wanted to use, but I had to work out how to use it in a way that would keep me warm, cos it’s freezing in Christchurch, NZ at the moment.  I thought about the patterns I already have and decided to give the Rose T-shirt by Blank Slate patterns another whirl.  Last time I made the dress, but this time I decided to go tunic length.

The pattern has this wonderful area where you can use a woven fabric and I knew with a little fussy cutting I could place my bird in the middle, and the rest is a stretch fabric, which I already had in stash; a very fine merino with a texture to it.

Just like last time I made this I ditched the included sleeve and adjusted the bodice to use the Ottobre t-shirt sleeve; the fit on this sleeve is much better for me, though I think I managed to forget to add the seam allowances, whoops!

I do unfortunately look a little pregnant in it, which I’m not, but it’s a practical length and nice and warm for this time of year so I really don’t care.  Warmth is much more important than anything else, plus I’m normally wearing a jersey over the top at the moment too.  I love the colour and I have a birdie!  Hopefully the close up photo works ok, my Flickr account seems to have disappeared and my Photobucket is playing up so had to steal it from my blog.


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