A birdy for good luck

Last week I was invited to attend an interview for a promotion at work… my immediate thoughts were what to wear!!

I decided to take some pressure off and just buy a dress or shirt to wear rather than sew something. So I dragged my daughter around about 10 shops desperately trying to find something suitable for an interview that fitted and didn’t cost a fortune. Well I eventually found this:

….but i couldn’t cope with the £26 price tag for a polyester top! So we popped into fabricland on the way home and found some fabric with a bird on it!!

The pattern is the Lottie blouse kindly sent to me ages ago by Naomi. ( thanks Naomi ❤️)

I managed to sew this up in a couple of evenings and it was a perfect fit and so much better than my last simple sew pussybow blouse.

The interview was today and went well (I think!) but won’t know the outcome until the end of the week. 

Thanks for reading x

13 thoughts on “A birdy for good luck

    • Lynsey_makes on instagram directed me to that top so I bought it yesterday! Found some yellow crepe fabric to recreate it. Definitely more special when it’s handmade x


    • Thank you. With the help of instagram friends I have found a replica pattern to create my own version of the yellow top! X


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