I’m so excited to finally be able to contribute! The funny thing is, when I saw the theme for the month, I thought I wouldn’t be able to participate. Birds. It isn’t a type of print I usually buy. I thought I’d have to pass. Again. And then I remembered the 6 yards of Telio rayon voile I bought from 3 yards each of two prints featuring birds: navy blue with flamingos and light blue and white stripes with birds that I’ve decided are cranes. For this project, I used the cranes. It’s very lightweight and mildly see through. If you look at the pictures closely, you can see where my pants stop at my waist.


The pattern I chose is the Metropolitan Urban Gypsy Blouses by Hot Patterns. I have been wanting an off the shoulder top ever since they started trending again but I had bra issues. As in, I don’t feel comfortable going without and I hate the strapless kind. This pattern is special though. It has an optional internal shelf bra! (I used white cotton-lycra jersey for that.) Other options include two sleeves (3/4 length with a tie, or just above the elbow with an elastic cuff), a halter strap, and a pocket. I went with the longer sleeves with ties.


The only modification I made was to shorten the whole thing by about 2-3 inches. I’m only 5’4″ and the original length was more like a short dress than a top. The pattern has no shorten/lengthen lines so I just eye-balled the center and drew a shorten line there. You can’t shorten from the bottom since it messes with the curved hem.


It’s still longer than I wanted though. As in, if I wear it over shorts, I just look like I forgot to to put on my bottoms! I tried to belt it and it helps. Blousing the top a little helps shorten it. I’ve tried tucking it in too and it isn’t too bulky despite the length. (No pictures because these were taken at the park and I wasn’t about to unzip my pants in front of a bunch of people!) It’ll be the best options for wearing with shorts and skirts.


I really prefer to wear it loose though. The gentle A-line makes it unbelievably comfortable in the heat and the shoulders stay put, neither gliding up nor sliding down. In fact, I think this pattern would make an awesome dress for the Summer with just a bit more length! If the off the shoulder trend continues next year, I just may do that…


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6 thoughts on “Birds!

  1. Lovely top and very good idea to have an internal shelf bra. I also have a problem with needing to wear one for confidence but find many of the tops with off the shoulder looks really need to be worn with no bra to look good otherwise it shows and ruins the effect. Its a really good idea. Shame more patterns do not include this. Was it difficult to make with the attached bra?.


    • No, not difficult at all! You assemble the bra first (two darts, side seams, elastic casing) and then it gets baste to the top of the back and front pieces before finishing with the band. The bra was making me a little anxious at first but it was way easier than hemming those deep curves!


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