Put a Bird on It – Simplicity 2451

Hello Monthly Stitchers!  It’s my first time posting here, although I’ve been following along since the beginning.

I’ve been on a roll with finishing up (or tossing) long-standing WIPs. A couple of weeks ago I finished a bargello keyboard cover that I started 20 (?!) years ago. I’ve been wanting to participate in The Monthly Stitch for awhile, and when they announced the theme for June was ‘Put A Bird on It’ I knew it was another nudge from the universe to continue finishing things up.

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I returned to garment sewing about 4 years ago. This was one of the first garments I started. It is made out of a quilting cotton with Birds! on it. I really like this print and have been on a navy kick lately so I think I will get a lot of wear out of this little gem.

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The pattern is Simplicity 2451, and it was quite a hit back in the day with a whopping 82 reviews on Pattern Review. It’s not on Simplicity’s website any longer, so I assume it’s out of print, but it is for sale on eBay and Amazon.

Simplicity2451 Cover

I made view D, the shorter tulip skirt (sans waist chains). I made a muslin and did a 1″ swayback adjustment. I cut a size 18 and the overall fit is good.

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Once I get sewing I rarely stop to consult references books or tutorials on a technique, preferring to figure it out as I go. Which explains why this skirt sat in the time-out pile for 4 years! I added a lining and didn’t think through how I would attach it to the invisible zip or how I would handle the vent at the back of the skirt.

At the time these issues seemed overwhelming, but they weren’t really that big of a deal. I machine-stitched the lining to the zip tape, and sewed the lining to the top of the vent and then let it hang to either side of the vent. Not elegant, but good enough. And done.

Bird Skirt lining

I feel like this skirt is a really good mix of ‘good enough’ and ‘my best’. Sometimes I get hung up on making things perfect, and need to ease up so I can finish. What’s that saying? “Perfection is the enemy of the good.” (or something like that…)

Bird Skirt zip detail

I used a deep red hem tape to finish the waistband and reduce bulk. I sewed the hem tape to the bottom of the inner waistband and pinned it down. From the right side I stitched in the ditch, catching the hem tape in the seam. (With navy thread on the top and red in the bobbin.)

I was really happy that I had just enough red tape to use for the hem also! I handstitched the skirt hem, and machine stitched the lining hem. The white lining and pop of red make me really happy!

I needed to use lots of pins to fit the yoke to the skirt. I used a rather substantial interfacing because I didn’t want the yoke to crumple. It is sturdy, but it also has no stretch whatsoever, so was a little bit of a bear to fit to the skirt.

I have a few wrinkles in the back of the skirt that I’m not that happy about, and I think the improvised lining attachment may be making my vent hang funny.

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But really, I’ll usually wear it with a cardigan like this:


If you’d like to see more of my creations pop over to my brand-spanking new blog, Not Fancy Nancy Sewing . ~ Nancy

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  1. So cute! I may need to try that pattern – so many skirt options. But I also have WIP that need attention – I “should” tackle those first. Nice work!


  2. I like the style of this skirt very much. I am happy also to read about your leaving it on a pile for several years beause I also have several items left in a pile because I cannot work out how to finish them to perfection. Your post is very encouraging, thank you.


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