Amnesty Apron

I’ve been behind all year on my Monthly Stitch makes — and I haven’t yet finished my “put a bird on it” project either though the pieces are in process. Sigh.

Fortunately it’s Amnesty Day and so I’m able to clear the decks somewhat in preparation for Indie Pattern Month by sharing my May Challenge piece, an upcycled apron. It is modelled on my new dress form – meet Dottie!


After reading many apron books in a row, so that aprons were on my mind, I saw a large pillow sham at the thrift store made out of a heavyweight cotton, yellow with a herbal print — Eureka! I decided to upcycle it as it seemed just perfect for a simple bib apron.

It was a simple upcycle — I cut the front and back apart, and used the front complete with  the piping along the flange for the apron bit. Then I cut up the two pieces that made up the overlapping back; one into the bib and the other I cut up into strips for the waist and neck ties. The neck was just finished with some D-rings.


I had to do some hand stitching after I’d cut the two apart, to remove the excess stitching lines from the flange which no longer existed but otherwise it was very simple. It just needed a good pressing to smooth it out after all that! Though clearly I need to spend a little more time with the iron, haha.


Someday I’d like to make a “real” apron with a few fancier details, but this one is pretty, fits perfectly and is heavy enough to stand up to cooking. Yay for upcycling! And onward to Indie Patterns!