Flock of Seagulls

When the voting choices came up, I was able to vote immediately!  I’ve had this dear print in my cupboard for quite a long time – maybe two years.  Just couldn’t commit to cutting into it but enjoyed the look and touch of it.   I jumped at the chance to finally making that commitment .  Yay!

http:// photo 20170628_184236_zpssh3otqbe.jpg

The fabric is what seems to be a poly crepe type of stuff;  the color is beautiful, with a slight sheen and not exceedingly shifty.  I didn’t have any excessive slipping and sliding; there was quite a bit of fraying by the time the raw edges got finished off – more on that below.  I just love those happy seagulls!  [OK, we’re not talking about the ones circling the grocery store parking lot in Denver, Colorado;  these are the ones on the coast up in Maine.  Or Alaska.  Even California. Ya know, where there’s water? ]  I got it at our dearly departed Hancock Fabrics maybe two years ago.

 photo 20170628_184302_zpsdkanpqfn.jpg


I wanted to choose a pattern with a little flowiness to it, and the fabric  looked like it would handle a button placket.  Starting with about five candidates (mostly shirtdress patterns), I chose McCall’s 6520.    The different views are pictured as shirt dresses, but after trying on the finished dress I gave it a hem-ectomy, removing  4″ off the bottom for more of a tunic length.  The pattern went together easily, and except for the length, I didn’t make any changes.  Grey skinny jeans, black leggings and a knit black skirt are all happy with this tunic. I can see maybe gray linen pants and a shorter black skirt would be appropriate as well.

There was not enough length above the drawstring to blouse any, kind of how it looks on the form.

 http:// photo 20170628_204540_zps2alaerhe.jpg

Sadly, I was unable to get any pictures done while wearing this, so the dress form will have to do this time around.  I’ve got close-ups included of some of the details:  an applied casing with drawstring and a cool slant pocket.  I think the raglan seams are unique, and the whole neckline fits me well.   And (again) the birdies!!  Between the vibrant color and the birdies, it’s just a happy wear 🙂

This is the second garment I’ve made using the serger I just got, and I’ll have to admit here in front of everyone that I spent a LOT of time just gawking at the insides!  No big revelations here, this was one thing I had in mind when I finally ordered one, but still – WOW – the insides look freakin’ awesome!  There was some ridiculous happy dancing happening.

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