Yes, these Esme boots!

http://http:// photo 20170630_131256_zpsed0jepas.jpg


This was the project I did last November for the “If the shoe fits”  challenge.  Trying to get the pictures posted proved more challenging than sewing this cool dress, so YAY Amnesty day!    To be honest, I am never in a shoe store any more often than I really have to be, so for this challenge I picked a combination I liked the whole look of.  The dress was already on my must-do list; the challenge gave me a kick-start to hunt down some boots.  These Börn boots came pretty close.  The dress, Esme, is from Lotta Jansdotter’s recent book “Everyday Style”  .  There are multiple photos of all the different options

http:// photo 20170314_130013_zpsfsajpmhv.jpg

The fabric is a rayon/something blend, with lovely weight for it’s thickness a slight give crossways, though I don’t remember seeing lycra in the ingredients anywhere.  This dress is a pullover, with no fastenings anywhere.  There were a few simple details, making for a really clean look:

http:// photo 20170630_131034_zpsnahdkzh8.jpg

The facing is sewn down – I like the topstitching detail at this width! And it laid flat without any fiddling.


In this photo you can also see the twill weave of this fabric. It had a nice flex to it and it pressed easily for a nice finished look.


4 pattern pieces!  The facing was traced from a line marked on the front and back pieces.  All the pattern pieces are traced from pattern sheets included with the book.  Each of the designs has a minimum of details – clean lines all around.   Scandi-tacular!





http:// photo 20170630_131008_zpswnhoi5j7.jpg

Here’s a side view – a little over-lit – but a nicely placed dart.  Is this a French dart?


There are also a couple patch pockets which I believe I reinforced with little triangles at the corners.  The windowpane check pattern was not hard to match at the sides and pockets.  The fact that the verticals matched at the shoulders was a nice bonus but wouldn’t have killed it.


The sleeves are about 3/4 length.







http:// photo 20170312_180818_zpsfm4tsxsb.jpg

I feel lucky to now have a pair of shoes/boots that I can wear all day, and a dress that was in regular rotation during tights weather.

Accessories for this so far have been both red and black bags, and a bright gauze madras triangle scarf with pom pom trim (that was pictured in the book!  I had to try that!).

Definitely give this book a check-up if you can find it at a store.   The photography is spectacular, and there isn’t a styling in there I wouldn’t feel comfortable in.  🙂








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  1. That looks great! I’ve got Lotta Jansdotter’s book and have been curious to see what the patterns look like in real life! Glad they have worked well for you!

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