Late to the Party: Named Inari Dress

I have to confess when I saw the first IPM challenge was Dresses, I was very *meh* about the whole thing. Unlike most sewers, I don’t wear or make dresses that much. (I’m always praying for the IPM Pants challenge.)

But then of course I had been thinking for some time – like while the rest of the internet made this pattern – about buying the Named Inari Dress. I ❤ Named patterns with a fiery passion. And the plus side of the Inari is that it also functions as a top pattern.

Naomi Inari 7 photo IMG_9734_zpsev8otir8.jpg

This fabric had been sitting in my stash for about 6 months. I bought it for about $4 from a local op-shop. I’m not sure what it is, I think it might have some wool content. But regardless, it’s warm and slightly fluffy on the inside which is perfect for a Christchurch winter.I couldn’t decide between vertical or horizontal stripes, so I did both!

Naomi Inari 6 photo IMG_9733_zpstptly4oj.jpg

The neck band is made from stretch merino sweat shirting scraps leftover from a long since worn out pair of track pants I made for my husband. The thread was on hand too, so a real righteous make this one!

Naomi Inari 9 photo IMG_9736_zpskudepiu1.jpg

I mostly find Named patterns easy to use and well laid out. Sometimes there are details missing that irk me, but this pattern is a real walk in the park. I think from cutting out the pattern pieces to finishing the last stitch, it might have taken me 2 hours, certainly no more than 3! I cut a straight 42 after reading that some people had found it a bit small in the hip area. The only changes I made were to add about 5cm to the length and make the sleeves 3/4 for winter, perfect for hiding merino under layers.

Naomi Inari 2 photo IMG_9728_zps7sutgbkw.jpg

My only gripe is that on the side splits with a 1cm seam allowance it’s pretty hard to get a really nice finish without an overlocker. Not so much an issue in this fabric, but if I was sewing something that really frayed I’d want to be able to turn it under twice.

Naomi Inari 10 photo IMG_9737_zps1s9fntis.jpg

Insomuch as I don’t wear dresses much, I just love this dress. Great colour and big and snuggly. Basically it’s a nightie I can wear during the day which is always my goal. #secretpyjamasforthewin

Naomi Inari 7 photo IMG_9734_zpsev8otir8.jpg

I’m very excited to be participating in Indie Pattern Month for a second time. And I am hoping to participate in at least 3, if not all 4 of the challenges.

Naomi Inari 11 photo IMG_9738_zpsuy1wyknx.jpg

Looking forward to seeing everyone’s makes. Thanks Mel & Kat for your amazing work putting this all together.

Feel free to come and see me over here too: Spare Room Style

22 thoughts on “Late to the Party: Named Inari Dress

  1. For not sewing or wearing dresses too often, you’ve sure knocked it out of the park with this one! Beautiful colour on you, it really makes your eye colour pop.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great find on the fabric front! Your dress looks fab. I do like this sillouette a lot. I’m not much of a dress person either but there’s a lot to be said for a comfy dress that you just pull over your head and then you’re dressed!

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  3. Beautiful dress! I loved Named Patterns, too. They’re so fashion forward. I wish they weren’t so expensive, but sometimes you got to treat yo self. Did you download the pdf version or order hard copies? I just ordered two hard copies that I might make for IPM at some point. I ordered the Asaka kimono pattern and the newer pencil skirt with a tie front belt. Can’t wait til they get here!

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  4. Gorgeous colour, looks like a fabulous winter staple. Got to admit I’m totally with you on the dress vs pants (or trousers as I would call them as I’m a Brit). I’m a great fan of trousers and would love to see more of them in IPM!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Definitely secret pajamas, which are always the best. It’s always kind of a bummer when I make a super-cute dress, but I rip it off my body as soon as I get home because it’s too uncomfortable to wear.

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