Dress challenge: Liberty summer Réglisse

Oh I’m so excited for my first entry in the monthly stitch! I’m relatively new to sewing (I’ve started last year) but I’m already hooked to this word of stitches and fabric.
liberty réglisse dress

I made this Réglisse dress from french indie designers Deer & Doe who is pretty much my favorite designer (Everything they do is pretty much perfect for my body shape!).
The fabric is by Frou-frou Paris and it’s amazing, very soft touch and the shop I bought it from had a bias tape already available for the fabric. Which was a stroke of luck, because the dress apparently need bias tape for all the skirt hem (a first time for me doing an hem with a bias tape, not sure if I’m sold on it to be quite honest)

liberty réglisse dress

Anyway the shop I bought the fabric from is italian www.merceriegermaine.com
I’ve been wanting a liberty dress like this for quite some time and i knew i needed to use a fabric that completely satisfied me and a pattern that was both easy and looked good. I wasn’t really expecting the bodice to be bias-cut (I need to learn to read product descriptions well before buying. bad habit of mine) but i guess it really works for the vestibility. (Thankfully i didn’t choose a directional fabric or that would have been a problem…)


The pattern came in two version, one with buttons and one with the neckband. I initially bought the pattern because I wanted to do the simple buttoned style but… the neckbow was so pretty? and my mother insisted A LOT and ended up convincing me.
Which led me to make both versions. So I have the neckbow AND the buttons. Not sure how useful they can be together but I like it.
Anyway, this might end up being my favorite dress for the summer. I already enjoyed it the last few days. So fresh for italian summer (which is HOT)

More on my blog here

liberty réglisse dress

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