Seamwork Sonya

In recent times I haven’t been a big dress person, I just don’t think they they suit me.  Dresses seem to look better on those with small waists and every time I wear a dress with a fitted waist I get asked if I’m pregnant.  Awkward pause …… um no.  Also I find shift dress just give me a brick look. So I mostly stick to my skinny jeans and oversized tops.


I liked the look of Seamwork’s Sonya as soon as I saw it.  As far as shift dress go, it looked a bit different and the style lines and pockets looked like the “brick” shape maybe disguised a bit.  However the pattern sat in the “to sew” pile for a while because I just don’t wear dresses much these days.  Thank you Monthly Stitch for giving the motivation to sew this baby up!


Seamwork and Colette Patterns just fit me well round the bust, which is awesome, because I’m no stranger to an FBA.   I’m a devoted Seamwork reader, I like the patterns and I love the “Block, Paper Scissors” article each month.  I think that this pattern is a pretty good start for some nice hacks, especially since the fit is pretty good.


The only modification I made was to add a line of top stitching in the middle of the pocket as it was flopping around a bit funny. Next time I’ll add about 3-4 inches in length. I’m thinking of a stripey linen, sleeveless version for summer.


The construction was straight forward and there were no surprises in the instructions. It is a good quality pattern and what you would expect from Seamwork and Colette. My fabric is a light weight cotton denim and I used the wrong side for the contrast.  I was inspired by Seamworks sample.


So there ya go, I made a dress, I may even get around to wearing it!


11 thoughts on “Seamwork Sonya

  1. This dress is great! It looks really good on you! I almost made this pattern, but couldn’t decide on which fabrics to use, so I went another direction with one of the fabrics I was considering. I also have avoided shift dresses due to my shape, but I’ve found some at thrift shops that I love the way they look on me, so I’ve been trying to find some good shift patterns and now I’m anxious to see if this looks as good on me as it does on you.


  2. Great pattern. Love the contracts pockets, and the shape flatters you nicely. I cannot believe in this day and age people think it’s Ok to ask a woman if she is pregnant. Unless her waters just broke on your shoes, keep it to yourself!!!

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    • I know! It happens to me a lot! And my baby is about to turn 3. I don’t have a problem with my body but people make it so awkward when they ask that. Grrr, definitely a pet peeve of mine. Thank you for the compliment.

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