Ella the Gypsy

This post contains a few firsts for me, all of which I am excited about. It’s my first post here ever, my first submission for IPM, and my first combination of two different patterns to make a beautiful sun dress. I have been sewing garments for almost two years now, but still consider myself new because I am always learning something new.

I chose two DesignerStitch patterns, The Ella Cami and The Gypsy Dress, to make a new version of of a sun dress inspired by our over 100 summer weather. I wanted something that with a cardigan over I could wear to the office, but also something to wear out on the town too and stay cool.

My fabric is a lightweight woven silky polyseter blend I found in the Joann’s Fall Apparel Collection. I fell in love with the print, but was not inspired to use it until this dress. It is sturdy enough to not need a lining, and flows enough with the style of the dress. The print was a challenge to match, the front and back are lined up perfectly, but the sides were not as easy to get spot on.

I started with the Ella bodice first, making it as directed. Instead of adding the ruffle I added the skirt from Gypsy that was cut all one length using the high low cut line. My least favorite step, but an absolute must, adding the elastic. I used a non-roll knit elastic cut as directed.I have worn this dress a few times now. It’s extremely comfortable, and the loose fit bodice allows for air flow during our exceptionally hot days. The elastic is the perfect measurement as well, no pinching or twisting.

If anyone is looking for a new sun dress, this combination is perfect. The instructions in the pattern are clear and easy to follow so even a beginner could successfully create a look all their own. More details on my blog.

8 thoughts on “Ella the Gypsy

  1. What a great idea to team a cami top with the lower half of a dress – perfect for summer! Love the fabric – I can imagine how much of a challenge that was to pattern match – you did a great job!


  2. I love everything about this. The Dress, the fabric, your back tattoo. It looks so comfortable. And a dress with pockets is a must.


  3. Your dress looks so comfy. I’m always looking for an easy-going dress pattern because I lot of what I tend to sew would not be described as “casual” and so I end up not getting as much wear out of some of my garments as I’d like. My entry that I hope to post tonight is also a casual dress and I hope it gets a lot of rotation this summer.

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    • Thank you, it is really comfortable and perfect for our summer heat. This dress works great for my office job, when I host Karaoke, and just every day wear.


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