Here comes Hannah-banana dress!

Dear Sewcialists – it is that time of the year again, IPM is here!!!

Fortunately, or unfortunately, I have learned from past year that IPM is pushing me to try something new. Weather I like it or not is a different question, but even discovering that you don’t like something – it is not a failure, it is just data, information that helps you in future choices and endeavors. 


This particular pattern I have eyeballed from last year, but ran out of time to sew it up to participate, therefore it was my first go-to choice when the topic for first week was announced! What attracted me particularly  – those back panels and “origami” construction that made it so special. In the back of my head I had some concerns but I decided to give it a try.

Those of you who follow me whether it is Instagram, or on my blog, know that I like more of a simplistic approach of fashion and clothing. I am a firm believer that fashion can be clean, simplistic yet elegant. Sometimes the fabric choice can make an outfit, sometimes the silhouette, but anyway…. enough of my rambles and philosophy, let’s get to the dress!


Pattern: Hannah dress from Victory Patterns

Fabric: medium weight blue crepe and medium weight salad green crepe

Additional details: tan zipper

Process and remarks: the process was a little lengthy. Solely because on a regular basis I have my got to pattern that I use to construct whatever I have in my mind, and they have tried time and time again and I know that they are perfect for my body. This was new for me!!!


I am going to mention 3 quick things, but you can read full list on my blog.

  1. Seams. Not used to the seam allowances included into the pattern. I like my seam allowances quite narrow – I don’t like any kind of bulk. I have trained my hand and eye sight to measure just what I need when I cut, so the included seam allowance threw me off a bit.
  2. Too much fabric. I like to think through how do I use my resources and although the design and overall idea of the dress is beautiful – there are a bit one too many folds of fabric that are particularly adding any function to the dress. But that’s my opinion. I like to work with remnants and figure out creative ways to use them, everyone is different.
  3. Heavy. The dress due to so many layers is a it too heavy for my taste. My fabric choice of course did not help – in the shoulders you can especially feel the weight of the folds.

It came out beautifully and it is a dress for a unique occasion, I cannot say I will be wearing it every day, but for a night out at a quirky bar for a cocktail or two – why not? 😉

The only change I made – I inserted zipper instead of button plaque. I think it adds modern detail to the dress.




What do you think, ladies?

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13 thoughts on “Here comes Hannah-banana dress!

  1. Oh wow, the solid colours & the zip front make this look very designer and high end elegant! Sorry to hear the fabric isn’t quite right…but it looks fantastic 🙂


  2. What an interesting design and I love your colour choice! Shame that you feel that your fabric choice was a bit too weighty – but that’s the joy of sewing, whatever happens you always learn something I’ve made some horrendous fabric choices!


  3. The zip front really adds a sophisticated touch to this pattern, I think! I’ve been eyeing this pattern for a while but can’t figure out the right fabric for it. Having finished this version, what would you recommend?


    • It is such a tough call… 1) if you go for a lighter fabric, it is not going to hold the shape and can turn out quite soggy , if the fabric is medium weight – I feel it is too heavy on the shoulders 2) if you mix two weight fabrics – it might work out and then again who knows until you try 🙂 I love the way it turned out, I am just not sure of the practicality, if that makes sense. Maybe lighter weight crepe, or medium weight linen/cotton/rayon?


  4. I really like the blue. And then I saw the green and wasn’t sure. I like the black and white version. I guess like was said above fabric choice can defiantly make or break it. Buuuut I also don’t sew clothes.haha. The blue looks great on you!


  5. It looks great! I really like the zip instead of the button placket. Watch those pockets, there is a lot of strain on those. I’ve made this dress and I’ve ripped the fabric just below the pocket and I cannot repair it which I’m gutted about. I agree with you about the weight of those folds – they wear you down after a while!


    • Thank you! My husband took the pictures and I just read your comment to him! And hazel dress is gorgeous, I own a blouse pattern similar to it, and I wear it quite often. Good luck and cannot wait to see it!!! 🙂


  6. Just Fabulous, I made one of their other dresses a few months ago and I just love the fit, the drafting and styling is perfect and they have some gorgeous designs, something diferent from the Tshirt dress, Raglan and standard bodice tea dress – Hooray !


    • Oh, I agree!!! That’s the reason I chose medium weight fabric to hold the shape of the “wings” in the back. But all is good – it was a new experience, and regardless of the result – I enjoyed! 🙂

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