Almost Alvernia


Hey guys, just on time with my submission, that was a close call :). I finished this dress this week after it was laying there for months.

When I saw the Alvernia dress from Opian some years ago I immediately bought it, knowing I would made it someday. I instantly fell in love with the deep v-front and the even deeper back front, so sexy, don’t you think?

Somehow when making the dress, it didn’t fit as it’s supposed to be. I have a small bodice and somehow it started to peek at the sides and on top. I tried to alter it, but I’m not completely happy with the fit. It’s a nice try, but it should be tweaked next time. Tips are always welcome ;). So for now I call it my ‘almost alvernia’. One day I will make an alvernia that fits as a glove ;).


{Such a beautiful back <3}


Thanks for reading, more pictures will come on the blog tomorrow, time to sleep now 😉



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