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Well, hello, everyone. With the current lovely weather where I live this dress is just perfect, and cool. For my first post, I have made a By Hand London – Anna dress.

I have seen lots of lovely Anna dresses and have been wanting to make one for a long time and I am so glad I did and The Monthly Stitch really spurred on me finishing it off.

I chose to do variation 3 which is a shorter dress, it has kimono sleeves and slash neckline, which I think are very flattering.

It is my first By Hand London Pattern and I am very pleased with the results. My measurements are B.40 W.36 H.44 1/2 I was a bit unsure but I went with a size 14us/18uk and I am happy with the size and fit. I did change the seam allowance to give myself a bit of wiggle room but I think when I make this dress again I would go with the original seam allowance of 5/8. I do worry about sizing when sewing and do find myself taking in many of my outfits. Fit is something I need to sit down and learn more about the best fit for my shape.

I used a lightweight viscose type fabric from a local shop, those living in the South West of England may know it – Trago. It is a blue and yellow flower.


I found the pattern very straightforward and it sewed up well. I haven’t sewn pleats before but a managed them well and I think they look lovely on the bodice. As well as following the instructions I also followed the sewalong which I found really helpful too. I find photographs much better for me when sewing and I also like the way sewalongs are broken down into sections.

For some reason I had real issues matching up my notches on the skirt, I am not quite sure what I did, but it all came good. Next time I need to come up with a better method for myself. I normally just make a small snip, but this time it didn’t go right. My zip insertion went really well and I had it in before I knew it. I followed the instructions exactly and bingo zip in. Does anyone else find themselves saying instructions out loud when they are sewing?

More and more with my hemming, I have taken to sewing a line 5/8 or whatever the pattern calls for to give me a good line to fold up and iron. Makes my hems neater and less stressful. I machine hemmed it as I need to work on both my patience and skill for hand hemming.

My Photos were taken in the garden and my first go at using a remote shutter and tripod, lots to learn but I enjoyed it. Where to look, any ideas, I feel like a Cheshire cat when I smile at the camera?  Thank you for taking the time to have a look at my creation.


13 thoughts on “By Hand London – Anna Dress First Post

  1. That is a really nice Anna! Love the tiny floral print. I’m with you on taking photos — it’s so unnatural, haha. I have to get myself a remote like you did so that I can take photos whenever I feel like it though, instead of coercing my husband or friends to take them for me!


  2. A lovely dress and just right for this weather – I’m only down the road here in the South-West and it has been another scorching weekend! Glad you manage to smile in the last photo – I know what you mean about remote photos! Didn’t realise Trago sold fabrics – I’m not that close to one, but I’ll check it out sometime.

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    • Hi, thanks, this weekend has been great, my dres got a wear for work on Friday nice and cool. Trago is interesting for fabric lots of upholstery fabric and more dress fabric. I will smile more in my photos 🙂

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  3. What a lovely dress! I’m about to trace off this pattern and I’m planning to go with the finished measurements and hopefully have enough room in the seam allowance to adjust if necessary. Your photos look great too!

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  4. Love that fabric. I’m another one who often makes things too big. I’m learning to go with my gut instinct though and measure the pattern pieces for the final measurements rather than what the pattern says.

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  5. Lovely dress and pictures! I too find it so difficult to take pictures…where to look? Where to put hands? Lol. I like mine a lot better since I stopped looking into the camera actually. I’m not sure if ther is any “rules” about where to look but I just feel less awkward if I pretend the camera isn’t there and thus the pictures are nicer….

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