Casual Coffee Stop

First IPM!  I’ve gone casual, and used this opportunity to make up my recent purchase from Harts Fabrics, Dress No. 1 from 100 Acts of Sewing.  It came with Brussels washer linen (which is one of their regulars in a range of colors), pattern, thread and print binding.

http:// photo 20170629_141436_zpsbhq99spa.jpg

One feature of this pattern I had not run into before was cutting my own neck opening.  The dress is tried on and depth marked wherever you want it.


The cute binding was intended to show on the outside, and I did do that, but I wanted to use the very last square inches of a typographic print I really like on the pockets;  after steaming a good curve into the binding it all went under with no trouble.



http:// photo 20170702_164047_zpsgmjznjq4.jpg


Isn’t the binding pretty?  And I will want to leave the 1/2 inch showing on a future make.

I met my sister for coffee at our very own Boyer’s Coffee – a long-time roaster in Denver.  Very comfortable space, in an old brick school building.  And the BEST coffee!

I have a load of pictures, but deadline is in 10 min (6:00 here),  and the photo thingie has gone totally spastic, might see a couple on facebook. Just isn’t gonna happen here.  The dress is very comfortable, styles well with a couple of my scarves and silver metallic jewelry.  I have to say, the neck and armholes are a perfect fit for me, so it will be my template for summer sleeveless.  Very comfortable with the hot weather we’ve been getting.



5 thoughts on “Casual Coffee Stop

  1. Just made it with this floaty, flirty dress! Nice, I’ll check FB for more photos too. Interesting pattern idea – I’ll have to take a look at 100 Acts of Sewing, I am not familiar with them.

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  2. Well done on getting your post up on time. Deadlines are a killer, aren’t they? The dress looks so comfortable. I’ve just taken a look at 100 acts of sewing, they have some very cute designs with a simple aesthetic.

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