IPM2017 Sponsor Spotlight: Papercut Patterns

We’re pretty big fans of Papercut Patterns here at The Monthly Stitch…and not just because your Editors are also Kiwis…well maybe a little…but also have you guys seen their latest collection, Sakura?

So dreamy!

We we’re dying to learn more and get a sneaky peek behind the scenes so Mel caught up with Katrina to find out more.

(There may have been some fan girl squealing, I’m not gonna lie…)



Here at Papercut HQ, we’re excited to be part of Indie Pattern month. Thanks for inviting us!

As a sewer, isn’t it great to be outside the confines of ready-to-wear fashion? To be part of a community where you can make clothes exactly how you want them and share that experience and knowledge with others? Let’s face it. Sewing is akin to having a super power.

We count it an honour and privilege to be part of this creative community and what better way to celebrate this than with fresh inspiration!

Our new Sakura collection features nine new patterns in one of our biggest collections so far and we hope you’ll love the designs as much as we do.

Sakura was nine months in the making … the same amount of time it takes to grow a baby. Katie did both simultaneously which we think is pretty phenomenal, but it certainly wasn’t easy. She battled morning sickness, moved house and rebranded the packaging all while making sure this collection was as breathtaking as ever.

The Papercut team dug deep and worked hard to get this ever growing collection released before baby arrived. It was a race against time to see whether the collection or baby would drop first, but turns out it was baby! Life often doesn’t go as you plan and he was several weeks early, but the family are doing great now (albeit with serious sleep deprivation) and baby is positively gorgeous, causing any studio work to halt while the team gush over him during visits.

We’re so grateful for everyone’s patience while we walked that journey. We know it wasn’t easy to wait longer than ever expected, but finally the wait is over and we’re keen to see what everyone makes with these new patterns!

The inspiration behind the Sakura collection was Japanese minimalism, focusing on easy wear garments with a relax fit. ‘Sakura’ means Cherry Blossom and there is so much to love about the delicate beauty of these flowers. They are feminine and elegant but dramatic and striking at the same time; the perfect description for a great outfit.

When it came to naming each pattern, we wanted Japanese names but ones that people would easily recognise. Our cocoon coat, Sapporo, was the first to be named and it made sense to link this with a city that is renowned for snow and incredible winter festivals. As we worked through the other patterns, some were linked for geographical reasons, others for cultural or historic ones, depending on what we thought would fit best.

As always, we also worked to create patterns that would suit a variety of seasons and that would be super versatile. We love it when people can make multiple variations of one pattern, resulting in very different looks each time. Sometimes that means seasonal variation and other times it’s about versatile fabric options. Either way, flexibility is key.

We are so blown away by everyone’s love and support during the release of this new collection and can’t wait to see your projects. Make sure you tag us on social media so that we can celebrate with you!

Happy sewing,
The team at Papercut Patterns x

Squeeeeee! I told you! Make sure you head over to the Sakura Collection page and check out all the amazing patterns and options. We love having Papercut Pattern’s regular support Indie Pattern Month, even when things are crazy busy (babies and new collections) they always find time to connect with us. Thanks team! xx


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