Summer fun with Autumn


This dress was born because 1) a heat wave hit Europe pretty badly and made me realise I had no clothes for high temperatures 2) the IPM challenges were announced, and reminded me I had wanted to give Style Arc a try for some months now.

The Autumn dress has caught my eyes because its simple lines that attracted me in days of great heat, and for these interesting front and back pleats. Since I wanted something light and summery, I picked a blue cotton I had bought last year from a french shop, Bennytex. I realised only after having finished that the pale colour made it look a bit like a hospital gown… but it’s so comfortable in the heat that I don’t care, and the colour makes it easy to play with accessories. I call that a win.

Concerning the pattern itself, it was easy enough to paste it together (I had picked pdf, because Australia is just too far and I’m too impatient). The instructions were clear and to the point, closer to the sort found in magazines like Burda than to most independent patterns… but this was, on the whole, a rather simple pattern so nothing caused real problems. Nothing except, perhaps, the back pleat. In all honesty, I am not sure I constructed that pleat properly, even with the diagram included and another I found online.

Well, I’ll do better next time I’m sure! You live and learn, and I sure want to learn how to make this pleat properly, because I am loving this dress a lot. It’s comfortable to wear in hot weather, I think with leggings and a long sleeved t-shirt it can easily be worn in spring and fall too, and it has nice deep pockets. It’s also easy to get a very different look by just wearing it with a belt.

And so, what’s my feeling on Style Arc after this? Well, I’m loving it. They have such varied styles available, and as someone often falling in plus sizes, I find it awesome that they are so inclusive on that front. So I’m sure that I will be getting and making more of their patterns, because I’m already building a wish list.

Pattern: Autumn dress size 18 – Style Arc

Fabric: cotton from Bennytex (not the colour linked I think, it must have sold out)

Will I make it again: yes! Definitely yes, because I need more hot weather dresses.

5 thoughts on “Summer fun with Autumn

  1. Great idea for a breezy summer dress – and those park photos are so much fun! Heat calls for comfy light clothing and lots of bubble blowing 🙂


  2. Oh yes I know what you mean about desperation for something to wear in the heat – we had 2 years in Adelaide where the temperatures get into the 40s! Unbearable. You look lovely, chic and cool in this creation 🙂


  3. My first thought was this is a really “in” style right now – not hospital gown like at all! It looks really lovely and cool for summer. Oh, and welcome to the world of Style Arc patterns – It’s a bit of a rabbit hole!

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  4. Looks deliciously light and breezy. Also, I know for a fact that someone else had the same issue with that back pleat instruction as I remember already reading that on another blog! So you are not alone there!


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