Introducing the Ninni culottes by Named!

 We’re so excited to welcome Named back as a sponsor for Indie Pattern Month 2017! Named have been involved in Indie Pattern Month for the last few years. We always love seeing their collections and their modern Scandinavian styles. Kat caught up with Laura to find out more about one of their patterns – the Ninni culottes from their spring/summer Playground collection.

Hi Laura! Welcome back to Indie Pattern Month! First, can you tell us a little bit about your style and range of patterns, for readers who haven’t seen your brand before?

Hello! We are a Finnish indie pattern label called Named, founded and run by two ladies and sisters: me Laura, and my big sister Saara. We design two pattern collections a year, one for spring/summer, and one for fall/winter. Each collection is designed around an individual visual theme, and for example our latest collection Playground, which was released in March, was inspired of childrenswear and the carefulness and playfulness of it. Each of our collections consists of approximately 8 to 10 patterns, and I’d describe our style very simplistic and Scandinavian, with an attention to interesting constructions and cuts, as well as fun details.

Reeta dress from Named

Today, we’d love to learn more about one of the patterns in your newest collection – the Ninni culottes! Can you tell us the inspiration behind this pattern?

We wanted to design a very basic, super relaxed pair of elastic waist pants. You know, a staple piece for every summer wardrobe, and that was it! Ninni is a very simple pattern to make and to wear, with just the right amount of details – basically just pockets just because they are so useful. They have a lot of ease and an elastic waist for maximum comfort, but yet they look very stylish!

Ninni culottes by Named

Where does the name come from?

All of our Playground collection’s patterns were named after characters from childrens’ books that we used to read as a child. In Finland we have the Muumi books by Tove Jansson (there’s also a Muumi TV series). There was a character called Ninni, who was an invisible child. Muumis are kind of a big thing here in Finland, and the story of Ninni the invisible girl is somewhat sad but very inspiring, that’s why we chose to name one of the characters after her.

There are so many gorgeous versions of the Ninni culottes – can you share some of your favourites from around the internet?

Yes absolutely! Here are a few of our favorites, from very classic black Ninnis that are super handy, to ones with full-length legs and a couple of faux-jumpsuit Ninnis! You can also search for more results in Instagram with the tag #ninniculottes


How about in your own wardrobe – how many pairs of Ninni culottes do you own?

Saara and I both have one pair of Ninni culottes each, and Saara also has a pair of Ninni shorts! Saara made her pants from a viscose blend jersey, and omitted the side pockets, and the shorts in a cool navy crepe fabric. I made mine in a sweatshirt jersey, and sewed the pockets a little differently with a topstitching, plus added a drawstring for a more sweatpant kind of look. I’ve also been wearing the sample Ninnis (the ones with a pinstripe velour) so much that they’re already a bit worn out!

We’d love to see how you style them! Can you share some photos of how you wear your own Ninni culottes?

Saara wears her Ninni culottes with a knit top. I’m wearing an R/H top (which is a local fashion brand). Both of us opted for sneakers, for a cool and casual look which works very well with our Ninnis since they are both quite relaxed. Somehow we’re both choosing a somewhat black and white look, but we also love colors so I’m sure there will be more Ninnis to come in brighter colors later 🙂 These pants are great for mixing and matching with almost any kind of top, which is what makes them so great!


 Thanks so much for chatting with us Laura, and sharing more about your gorgeous Ninni pattern! So many great variations, and so much inspiration! 🙂


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  1. Just cutting out my second pair! They are as cool and comfortable as shorts, but provide a little more coverage so I can wear them anywhere. The pattern is easy and fun to sew. The loose construction means no fitting issues! I have a total sewing crush on this pattern.


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