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With wedding season fast approaching I needed the perfect guest outfit for my Aunty’s upcoming nuptials. The wedding will be at the beginning of August and it is an outside affair. I needed the perfect dress – fancy yet not too flamboyant, summery yet amenable to the British weather!

After scouring the list of indie designers so kindly provided on this blog I set my heart on the Georgia dress from By Hand London. Having never used one of their patterns before I had no idea what to expect. As it turns out they give plenty of direction and there is even an online sew-along with more helpful tips.













However, once I had read the instructions and looked at the pattern pieces I realised where my first problem would lie. That bodice. With the bodice made up of 5 separate pieces a full bust adjustment was not going to be easy and it was pretty obvious I was going to need a full bust adjustment looking at the size of the pattern pieces. This is where the sew-along came into its own. There were plenty of detailed instructions with photographs about what was required. So I followed the instructions and added a 1 inch wedge into the centre of each of the front bodice centre and side pieces and made a toile. It was not good! There was no way I was going to be decent with that bodice on a dress! – So I took matters into my own hands. The circumference of the bodice was fine, it was just the height, which the FBA described in the sew-along had not accounted for at all. I slashed all the bodice pieces in half horizontally and added another inch of height.













Once I had figured out these changes to the bodice the rest was fairly plain sailing. The pattern recommended medium weight fabrics with a little bit of stretch but having looked at some pictures of others I wanted to use a slightly heavier fabric (to hide a multitude of sins on such a fitted dress!). I went with this gorgeous stripy jacquard from Fabworks. It’s pretty heavy for a dressmaking fabric and it frays constantly – my floor looked like I’d attacked the fabric with a shredder when I’d finished but the colours are amazing, a royal blue with stripes of pink, mint green and white running through it.

The details:

Pattern: By Hand London – Georgia dress

Fabric: Blue Jacquard from Fabworks

Alterations: Size 8 bodice with a one inch FBA and an extra inch of height added. Skirt is graded from a size 8 at the bodice to a 12 at the waist and a 14 at the hips


I probably could have afforded to go down a size at the hips but for a first go at this pattern I am pretty pleased with it. There are still some fit issues on the bodice but for a first attempt at a pattern from a new-to-me designer I am pretty pleased!


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  2. Looks great! I must try By Hand London patterns. I think you have made the perfect dress for you requirements but think you will also get heaps of wear out of it for other occasions too.

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  3. You’ve done a great job on the FBA. It almost looks worth getting the pattern to get the tutorial on doing an FBA on that sort of fitted bodice. The heavy fabric is inspired. The dress looks great on you.

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    • If you click the link i included to the sew along (or search the by hand London website for Georgia) you will find the tutorial. It is really helpful, not sure how useful it will be for other patterns though as the construction of this is quite different to most others ive seen


      • Thanks. I found it after I posted. It looks like a really nice fitted bodice for a full bust. You’re tips are useful too. Once I looked at their instructions I wondered how you chose bodice size to alter. If you choose full bust it will fit width bit need wedges taken out at side, & tapered in above & below full bust. If you choose under or overbust, I would have thought it would not just need the wedge & the extra length you added, but also extra width across the full bust.


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