Hi, here is my “new to me” pattern Geodesic by Blueprints for Sewing. I have seen this pattern made up around the net and the Saltbox top caught my eye, but IPM motivated me to move my butt and buy this pattern and make it up!


I made version 2, the tunic length version, but it didn’t quite work with the fabric, so I folded up the bottom band of triangles and now have a half way between version 1 and 2.

geodesic Untitled That’s 18 Triangles, 8 half triangles and 2 pockets!  I used up leftovers from 6 fabrics!  Grey and black stripe merino with 5 (yep 5!) different blank knits.  It pays to do a little panning first, I used the drawings on the pattern and figured out how many I needed to cut of each colour. Untitled While cutting and sewing this project I remembered that I hate patchwork, however this top is so well designed and executed that I managed to finish it with a minimum of annoyance.  And I’m pretty proud of what I have achieved.  The inside of this top is a hot mess, but hey, only I know that! Untitled Overall, I’m very happy with my new top and since I have a huge stash of leftover fabrics, I can see at least one more Geodesic in my future.  This pattern was top quality and you can tell that Taylor is not just a designer, but an artist.  I am looking forward to making the A-frame skirt and Saltbox top.  All the top designs come with FBA instructions already written (bonus!) and I love this version of the A-frame from Salt and Stitch on Instagram.  Untitled

Thanks for stopping by, see you on insta!

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