IPM 2017 Dresses: Let the voting begin!

The Dresses contest closed with 32 fabulous garments and it was super tough for your judges to pick a top 14!

But we did it! After much deliberation your judges have carefully chosen the finalists and now it’s your turn to vote.

Voting is open for 3 days and closes at midnight on June 12th (24:00 UTC) 

(As discussed on the Facebook group page this has been extended due to technical issues with the poll)

You can only vote once but you can select up to THREE entries before you hit the vote button.

In the voting form below you will see a thumbnail of each finalist’s feature image. The title of their entry is also a clickable link back to their post so you can go and read all about each entry easily and see more fantastic photos before you make your picks.

We recommend you right-click > open link in new tab. 

Here’s a round up of all the finalists, congratulations on beautiful garments, superb photos and well written posts:

There are eight prizes available for this competition from these fabulous sponsors:


The 8 entries with the highest votes will each be randomly assigned a prize.

Ok, let’s get VOTING, yay!

Remember, you can vote once for up to three entries, so chose carefully before you submit 🙂

The finalists are displayed in random order, select the three you want to vote for and then click the VOTE button to submit:

Good luck everyone! 🙂




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