Ruffles galore!

Are you ready for the most ruffle-y and billowy shirt I’ve ever made?

My New to Me pattern comes from DP Studio, a French indie pattern company which focuses on cutting edge designs for women. They’re so trendy it hurts.

I found them a few months ago whilst on a French indie pattern company journey of discovery! (If you want a list of awesome French indie pattern designers, check out Rachel from House of Pinheiro’s list here). There are tons of companies out there hat I’d never heard of and it’s well worth a look! Not all them come with English translations but it’s nothing Google translate can’t handle!

I ended up buying 2 patterns from DP Studios but never got around to using them but I’m kinda glad I hadn’t because now I could use them for this challenge!

I opted to make the more complicated of the 2 patterns I got – Le 601 – for 2 reasons.

1. If I didn’t make it right now, ruffles and giant sleeves may no longer be cool and I would never be able to wear it out!

And 2. I might never have pushed myself to make it! It is a rather more complex make than my usual!

Actually, it turned out to be quite easy to put together, if a little tedious. There are A LOT pattern pieces. 21 individual pattern pieces to be exact. It’s not for the faint hearted.

I made a size 40 without alterations. I could probably have sized down once more as it’s pretty loose fitting and my shoulders are quite narrow.

I barely used the instructions. They do come in English in the pattern envelope which I then promptly lost… I used the French version as a guide but mostly just made it up as I went along!


This is definitely a statement blouse! Not quite sure when I’d wear it out to be honest!


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  1. This is so cool and on trend at the moment. Their designs are very “statement”, but very fun. Well done on just using the French instructions!
    I have been eyeing up those DP Studio patterns too – I feel the need for a “statement” jacket. What other pattern did you choose by the way?

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