Twisted sweater 

When indie pattern month announced “New to me” as a challenge I had a few to choose from. I have the chalk and notch Farah shirt; French Navy Patterns Orla dress; or ikatee JIM trousers. Last weeks entrance was also new to me with By Hand London.

This is the Papercut patterns Bowline sweater made in pinky purple sweatshirt fabric from fabricland.

This was a super quick make (2 hours from start to finish once my pattern was stuck together). I really like the quirky detailing of the shoulder twist to what is essentially a basic raglan sweater.

The burrito roll was a bit fiddly to create the twisted section. I initially tacked it together to manage sure I joined the correct two pieces (which I hadn’t first time around!) which made it much easier to understand what I was doing.

I had to make the waist band in two sections to fit on my fabric remnant but that was okay as i just matched the side seams.

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10 thoughts on “Twisted sweater 

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  2. This pattern has always fascinated me – I just can’t work out by looking at it how that twist actually would look flat as a pattern piece! Well done for mastering the twisted section. Just an observation, as I just looked at the papercut website – their version has the twist on the right-hand side? A quick look for other versions shows either the left or the right.

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    • Well spotted!! You cut the front out as one piece and I cut it out on the wrong side of my fabric like normal then realised that put the twist on the wrong side!! Doh!! You use a burrito technique and a dart to create the twist, the instructions are great so really easy to achieve 🙂

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