Flirty blouse with Maison Fleur

It was very inspiring and partially relieving to read that a lot of you, dear sewcialists, did not get to cut into the patterns you received as prizes during last IPM. Guilty as charged!!! Therefore, like many of you, I used this opportunity of IPM 2017 to find time to discover those indie designers who had provided all those generous prizes for us a year before!


I got two patterns from Maison Fleur for, if I remember it correctly, “make it twice” challenge. I made up Moji pants that time and I wear them on a general basis, those pants are super good!

One of the patterns was for a bikini and the other one for a summer blouse! Not sure if Maison Fleur is not producing patterns any more, I checked back twice through out the year and unfortunately there weren’t any new additions.

Anyhow, I decided to sew up the summer blouse! The knot detail on the shoulder is somehow popular right now, therefore it seemed appropriate. I made this blouse primarily for work, but I also think with a pair of cute black shorts it could be as effective.

The first version seemed to be the most interesting so i decided to give it a go!



Fabric: thin crepe remnant from Jo-Ann’s. Has a beautiful drape and does not create bulk in the knots on the shoulders.

Pattern adjustments: pattern called for all-in-one facing, it thought it would add more bulk, therefore I skipped that part. As well as the zipper… I could slip into this blouse even when the shoulder knots are connected, so no zipper it is! Also, I made it a lot longer, I like the “shirt” shape bottom of pretty much any blouse.


Techniques: French seams on the sides

Review: over all – good pattern! There are few ways that I would think to hack it (hmmm, is this an idea for “hack it!” week?), for example the front darts are a little too big, I would like to separate them into a side bust dart and a smaller vertical dart, so that when I hem, I don’t need to go through 3 layers of fabric. Maybe I would shape the ends of the ties differently, I little rounder.

Time: it took about 1.5 hrs from start to finish, without piecing the pattern pieces together. A pretty quick and good project!

I think it looks good with all black pants and jacket! What do you think?

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  1. Too cute. Love this top and the whole outfit. Probably also looks good with the Moji black skirt hack you did recently. Kudos!


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