Never be afraid to try something new

I have to be honest, this weeks New To Me entry for Indie Pattern Monthly had me feeling like I did when I first began sewing clothing. I was always afraid a garment would fall apart, especially since I do not use a serger. All my beginner anxieties came back, but only a little. I quickly pressed on with excitment filling where my nerves were trying to take over.

I had become spolied with the designer’s I typically use, knowing how they fit and any alterations that might be needed during construction. It was starting all over again, and while change is often scary, I feel confident I made two great choices for New To Me Week making an outfit completely done with patterns by designer’s I have never made anything from before.  I chose for my top, the Elia by Little Lizzard King because I love the Bohemian feel, also the cold shoulder tops are absolutely a favorite of mine. For my bottoms, I chose the Ninja Pants by 5 Out Of 4 Patterns because I needed something that would work with the length of the top and tie it all together, and stay comfortable. I also must mention that while both these designers are new to me, I had to maintain the personal challange I set myself of revising the majority of patterns make this summer. Both of these patterns did not have immunity from that challange, and they were slightly altered from the original design.

Starting with the Elia. I absolutely fell in love with it right away. Like I mentioned, the Bohemian style, and cold shoulder design were what drawn me to it, and it can be knit or woven. The summer weather this year has hit record highs way over 100 degrees, so I decided to leave the sleeves I love so much off. I was a little nervous about the skirt because most anuthing with any type of peplum looks aweful on me. I decided on the dramatic high low for the skirt.

My fabric choice for the Elia top was originally a really thin knit, but I think I missed a step and it didn’t work out. All things happen for a reason, and i found this beautiful Nicole Miller Silky that had been in my stash a while now. The bodice is fully lined with just a simple black lining I also had on hand. This woven was a far better option because it ended up way lighter than the knit was, which would have made a diffrence in fit and comfort level as the woven breathes better.

The Little Lizzard King Elia pattern was so easy to follow. The pattern itself is printed in layers. I trimmed the corners of the pages only to help with lining it up just right. There are only four pieces to cut but three that are printed , the front bodice, back bodice, a back skirt. The front skirt is a simple rectangle, which I found if you fold the low of the back to make it a rectangle, at least in my size its the exact dimension needed to cut for the front. The photos in the intructions are so clear and marked with an arrow as to what step you are on. I loved that I didn’t need to watch the famous burrito roll how to video on YouTube because the photos abd direction were so easy to follow.

I mentioned leaving off the sleeves. Thos allowed me to make the bodice fully lined vs stitching up the sides to close the bodice up. I enjoy not having a single seam in the bodice other than where the skirt is attached. The clear elastic at the skirt wa s left off because the skirt is so light I feel the bodice did not need the added support.

For the bottoms, I chose the Ninja Pants by 5 Out Of 4 Patterns because I was looking for comfort, and something I could wear under other tops like this. I was pleasantly  surprised to find out this was a free pattern via code in their Facebook group. Why was I so suprised that it was free? All the available options in this one pattern. The length, waistband, gusset, pocket, and more are all options available in this free pattern. This really made the pattern stick out to me and I had to give it a shot.

My fabric for the bottoms are simply a solid black cotton lycra blend, and the lacey insert I have had for years and can only say it has a little stretch and came from Joann’s. I decided to add the insert because,  while not exact, it was incredibly close to the print in the top. I chose the pedal pusher length because short enough for our summer temperatures, but long enough to be seen under the high low skirt.

I have to admit, the instructions were so minimal, but the easiest to follow of all the knit patterns I have so far. It clearly explains the addition of the gusset, and other options so there is no reading and re-reading trying to figure them out. What I didn’t have instruction on was adding the lace. I basically winged it and hoped for the best, but that was my little twist on this pattern.

This entire New To Me made outfit is a favorite hands down. The fit of both the top and bottoms are perfect, even the skirt which had me worried could not fit better. I am certain you can even see in the photos how much love I have for this outfit. I plan on making both again as they are comfortable and no movement issues. The bottoms never fell and the top never pulled anywhere. I highly recommend checking out both the Little Lizzard King and 5 Out Of 4 Patterns, and look forward to adding more of their designs to my collection of Indie Patterns.

You can read more about these patterns and designers on my blog, including links to both Facebook groups .

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  1. Very cool! I love the top especially and like you, peplums aren’t really my thing. It’s so cold here at the moment (in NZ) reading this post really warmed me up!


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