Kristina's Style - Greenstyle Sundance Jacket

Braving the wind in a Greenstyle Sundance Jacket

I’ve been sitting on this pattern for ages and over Christmas time bought what I thought would be the perfect fabric for it in Germany. Sadly it didn’t fit into my suitcase (too much other fabric), so I had to wait for the birthday package from my mum, luckily she managed to squeeze it in.

I fell in love with the Greenstyle Pattern, the Sundance Jacket a long time ago, in fact I think I bought the pattern last year during IPM, but never got around to trying it. Enter IPM 2017, and what better occasion to try this new to me pattern (and new to me pattern company), now that I finally had the “right fabric”.

Kristina's Style -
It probably was not quite the right fabric. Why? One, it didn’t quite have enough stretch, two it is quite thick. But, I wanted a warm jacket that I could wear to go for walks on the water in the wind. And I got that! It’s a grey water repellent poly with yellow fleece on the inside. Here’s a close-up.

I made a size M, and due to the limited stretch, it is slightly snug, but not badly so, and because of the wind around here, I am not worried about it at all.

I made a few small changes; I lengthened the sleeves about 2cm (still got monkey arms) and I decided to make both the collar and the hood. Given the thickness of the fabric and the nice fluffiness of the inside, I only cut one of the collar pieces and lengthened that about 2cm, more cover from the wind. I also didn’t cut two pocket pieces. I just cut one pocket piece and topstitched that to the front bodice – that’s something one of my ready to wear has and I thought another layer of this thick fabric would just the too much. In terms of construction, I found the instructions really easy to follow. It does have a lot of pieces, but otherwise wasn’t a hard make, apart from the fabric slipping and sliding, so slow and steady was the call.

I really like the topstiching! So much so, that I’m almost sad that I made the hood, you won’t get to see the back yoke details nearby as often… I also really like the folded over zipper guard, nothing worst than getting your chin caught in the zipper 😉 that’s definitely something I need to steal for a sweater jacket for the other half. As mentioned this fabric is a bit thick, so the guard is not quite as perfect as I’d like to to be, but it definitely does the job.


For some reason my zip wasn’t quite long enough, so I have a bit more fabric at the bottom, doesn’t bother me. I loooove the length at the back, perfect for windy Welli days.

I sooo wanted to make the version with the pleats at the back, but this was just not the right fabric. I’ll definitely make this again with the pleated back!

Here a few more random pictures, just because we managed to get a late afternoon of sun last weekend…



Last quick peek at the inside with the pockets topstitches in…


There’s a couple more pictures on my blog
Till next time.

24 thoughts on “Braving the wind in a Greenstyle Sundance Jacket

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  2. This looks amazing – thank you for making and posting it as I’ve added the pattern to my ‘must have’ list! 🙂 I get the fabric challenge in the UK! Is this a type of softshell fabric? Well done!

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  3. Such a cool jacket – love the top-stitching! I’ve just looked at the Greenstyle site and I it looks like a really versatile pattern with lots of potential for making different versions Are you thinking of trying another?

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    • It is a really awesome pattern. I definitely want to do another one, this time with the pleated back and no hood so you can see the yoke detail better. I’d almost like that version to be something that I can wear to work rather than just a workout top, it’s so pretty…

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  4. Your jacket looks great! I really like the contrast stitching, and lime green and grey is one of my favorite color combinations. 🙂 You’ve inspired me-
    I’m bookmarking this jacket pattern for the future.

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  5. I love that pattern too – I made 2 versions last year for IPM and have been meaning to make another version ever since. Where oh where did you get the water repellent fabric?

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