Flowy Sincerely Rylee


Ciao da Italia.. Hello from Italy!

I’m currently staying and blogging from the beautiful and extremely sunny Italy. An ideal temperature to wear thin and flowy dresses. When I saw the ‘new to me’ challenge it gave me the right motivation to sew something from George and Ginger just before my vacation started. It was a rice against the clock, but I made it!

I have been waiting to try this pattern company for a long time and I already purchased the picnic dress, the bodysuit and the hot pants during sales. But then the FREE (yes, you hear me right, the FREE) Sincerely Rylee dress came out. Ideal to try out the pattern company before I made the other (bought) patterns.

And gosh did I looooove this dress. First of all the boho vibe it gives without overdoing it. You can make it in a maxi version as well but I’m quite fond with this length


sinDSC01515DSC01508I bought some cheap chiffonlike fabric (€3/m) fabric at the market which suited super well with this flowy pattern. I quite hated the fabric when I was working with it (gosh so slippery and see through) but at the end it turned out wat better than I dreamt of.

But what I probably like the most about this dress is the back that you have to tie (not so handy for wearing bras) but gosh how beautiful is it?


Yes as you can read I’m completely in love with this sew, and on top of that, the scenery makes the outfit just complete 😉


// PATTERN: Sincerely rylee – George and ginger //
// FABRIC: 3/m at the local market //

Lots of love all the way from Italy,


13 thoughts on “Flowy Sincerely Rylee

  1. So pretty and summery, and it suits you very nicely! Love the style lines — looks very holidayish — I’m also impressed that you managed to sew it and blog it with holidays occurring! 🙂


  2. What a beautiful dress! Definitely perfect for summer. I can see why you love it so much. And the scenery is breathtaking! I’m going to Italy at the end of August and I can’t wait!


  3. So impressed that you managed to sew your dress in time for your hols and blog about it on holiday! Love the fabric and the back detail on the dress. I think it would make an ideal “after-the-beach” dress.


      • thaank you!! It really was a race against the clock 😉. Made the dress in three evenings. Took a plane and took the pictures in Italy the next day. Just in time..
        would definitely wear it to go to the beach (as it is a bit see through and ideal to cover up a bikini)..


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