Jasper Sweater Dress IPM2017 New To Me

Why have I not sewn the Jasper dress before now? It boggles my mind that I have been missing out on this wonderful pattern!!!! Thank goodness for challenges like this that really get you thinking about using patterns in your stash that you may have forgotten about – that’s the thing with PDFs – so easy to forget they are there. As it happens, I bought this pattern during Christmas sales when Paprika was having a 25% off deal. Bargain!

I taped it up and it was forgotten as more projects were piled on top of it. With the announcement of New To Me as the challenge for week 2 – I went to search through my sewing PDFs folder. Though it is a bit unseasonal at the moment, I immediately gravitated towards the idea of sewing this up. After all – winter is coming – so you can never start prepping too early :-).

Selecting the fabric was a challenge of epic proportions; I am what you may call a weather seamstress. A weather seamstress is one who likes sewing first and foremost garments that correspond to the immediate weather situation the seamstress experiencing. Since we are in summer (it’s England so take that with a grain of salt)  – my mind is filled with intoxicatingly bright and bold floral prints; lightweight floaty drapey fabrics paired with bare arms, legs and backs. Thinking cosy knits was strongly resisted by my creative centre. I did eventually manage to dig out some fall weight knits and ended up with 2 contenders. Dithering for the good part of an hour over which to select – my third son’s answer to such dilemnas popped into into my head – both. The haze lifted and it became crystal clear how this Jasper would manifest: striped centre (medium weight ponte) bracketed with the solid textured ponte on the sides and underlined with contrast hem bands along with the collar in contrast also.

Being me, of course, there had to be a pop of colour somewhere there – flourescent orange and pink were in contention but this bright red moss crepe won (deservedly so). The button has been in my odd buttons box for years now and finally found its home.

Construction deets

I think that the instructions on this pattern are easy to follow. The trickiest part was the welt strip pocket (there is a step by step photo tutorial to help). For this reason, I would recommend really taking your time with it and reading through the instructions before sewing. The method for the welt pocket does create quite some bulk in that area. I doubt I will be using the pockets for much apart from warming my hands as personally I don’t like pockets on princess seams. I sewed a size 3 based on my bust measurements with no alterations.

I love! All that is missing is a black beret I think 🙂imgp8064


Paprika Patterns – Jasper Sweater Dress


Jasper Sweater Dress



An odd lone button finally found its way home……


Jasper Sweater Dress – Welt pockets


Hem band

imgp8064Will I be making it again? That’s the wrong question – it should read – how many more will  I be making?.  The answer: many.



33 thoughts on “Jasper Sweater Dress IPM2017 New To Me

  1. I also love this pattern though I’ve only made the hooded sweater version so far. The dress looks stunning on you! Love the fabric choices, & especially how that red tab just sparks it up. Love this.

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  2. Oh Hila – once again I am wowed by your amazing make. I have this dream where I will grow a bit taller and a lot slimmer and I will live next door to you and we will be great friends and I will be able to wear all your great clothes! 😉 In a non-weird-stalkerish kind of way! This looks so good. I definitely want to make one of my own now and I imagine SO comfy. Of course it’s winter here so that looks like a perfect make to me 🙂

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  3. This is so so good. I’m burning with envy. Well done, it’s just fabulous. The fabric choices, the fit, the details, all so well done. It’ll be a long time before I make something like this but the slog is worth it for a dress like this. Sigh. Some day….


    • Thanks Caroline! Yes! Someday you will get there – I was also a beginner making loads of mistakes but never giving up because, with sewing, you get better with each next make. Keep going :-)))


  4. You’ve done a fabulous job on this! You may remember that I’ve been sewing this up (since November). I found areas in it that were too bulky and neither my sewing machine or my overlocker could handle the bulk. Did yours? I had to sew bits by hand and as a consequence it looks rubbish and I’m so disappointed. I’ve only got a wrist band to go on now but I’m blaming this project for the demise of my overlocker! You’ll have to give me tips – I want a Jasper that looks like yours!

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    • Thanks Corrine. I remember I bought the quilted fabric with you at B&M Fabrics ; you said you were going to make a Jasper sweater dress with it and I think you planted that inspiration in my head then. I hope your overlocker gets well soon and wish I lived near enough to lend you mine :-(. No seamstress should ever have to go without an overlocker. x

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      • As long as I disengage the knife I can still use it. Can’t use it to sew with though so that quilted fabric is going to languish a little longer in my stash!


  5. This has been on my wish list for ages, yours is lovely! I was lusting over a stripy one like on the website but am seasonal with my sewing like you and struggle to plan ahead..hence no shorts in my wardrobe now the sun is here!

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  6. Brindle and Twig have just released a kids oversized jumper dress pattern that looks similar. I for one would love to see at least one of your little ones in a matching dress. Twee but cute!

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