The Herrenvolk Shirt – Challenge Two New To Me

Hello friends!

So, with IPM a month late this year, it may have thrown off my form for the Tour de Fleece (I’ve spun NOTHING) I have had a great time sewing. Challenge one didn’t eventuate due to my not being careful enough with pattern sizing (we will rectify that later!), but challenge two has me rather happy!


I sewed up the Anderson Blouse from Sew Over It UK and absolutely adore my results!

I chose a beautiful Echino by Kokka fabric which I picked up for a steal at the Bolt of Cloth sale – if you’re near one, I cannot fault their selection.


It is a gorgeous mustard yellow with bright, royal blue sparrows on it. You can’t see them in the above pic, but there are also shimmery bees printed on the fabric sporadically. I just adore it.

The Anderson Blouse has been on my ‘to make’ list since I first saw it – as a big X-files fan, I just had to make something inspired by Scully herself! (And her appearance in my recent favourite American Gods helped along a little too).

Due to the pattern’s immense ease, I didn’t need to add ANY extra to the body pieces. I cut a straight 48 – except the 1 inch to the underarm on the front body due to my bicep increase in the sleeve. Which was large, to say the least…


So my pattern piece may look rather different to the original, but the arms FIT! I could probably have increased another inch or so to make them super roomy, but for me they are a great fit as they are. I ended up increasing them by three inches, to 21 inches total. My arms are 17 inch around, and this was just enough ease for them to be comfortable and look ‘right’.


I adore the gathered detail at the shoulders, and in this shot you can just catch a bee as it buzzes past in the bottom left! (It’s just under the bird’s foot!
You can also see here that I didn’t 100% follow the instructions – I couldn’t quite get my head around the neck bias instruction, and I didn’t mind having a facing, so I sewed it as a facing. No harm, still fits and wears fine!

The other change I made is I opted for elasticated hems on the sleeves, rather than the intended cuff. I am a medical secretary, and typing is one of my number one tasks and I know from past experience that cuffed sleeves drive me CRAZY when I am trying to work! So I just omitted the sleeve cuff pattern piece, and folded up the hem and ran some elastic through. It worked rather nicely, and I will get a lot more wear out of it.


My research into other people’s makes of the Anderson Blouse left me with the distinct feeling that I might be the largest person to have made it so far – I’m a solid 48 inch bust and 50 inch hip, and with no alterations this fit me rather well. I didn’t add a drawstring or elastic to the hem and I can wear it easily without being tucked in, but I didn’t take any pics as a) I intend to always wear it tucked, and b) these were taken when I got home from work and this fabric creases rather easily!


There are two alterations I intend to make on my next Anderson Blouse (along with those mentioned above. One is that I am going to add a little length to it – I’m not tall by any means at 5’5”, but I think due to boobage and hippage, this runs a little short for tucking in.

The other alteration I am going to make is to sew down the cross over the whole way. I tacked it down in one place at the top of this one, and thought I was golden. However, as the photo below outlines quite well, I was not.


Yep. That’s my bra. And like, most of a boob showing through there. When reviewing the shots my partner had taken I asked, a little shocked, “why didn’t you tell me my boob was all over the damn place?!” to whit he responded “I thought you knew”. So that’s the view my co-workers have had today. Though perhaps not, as no one mentioned it! Next time around I am going to find a way of making this not happen, and preferably in as invisible a manner as I can manage.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this new to me make, and I can guarantee there will be more in the future of the Anderson Blouse!

And as everything survives on the internet, a bonus picture: me, looking utterly fabulous, outside in 7degC weather, modelling my new make in my slippers.


You’re welcome.

For those wondering on the name – I had three names in mind for this shirt as I was making it. The obvious being ‘The Birds and the Bees Shirt’, a slightly less family friendly “Get ——–ed Shirt” in reference to the first name, and I finally settled on the Herrenvolk Blouse, named after the fourth season premiere episode of The X-Files, one in which Mulder ends up inside a giant beehive. It seemed appropriate!

20 thoughts on “The Herrenvolk Shirt – Challenge Two New To Me

  1. Terrible timing with the Tour de Fleece, mine’s been less than planned on the spinning side too. Love your top, might have to pop into Bolt of Cloth next time I see their sale sign, I’d forgotten about the Kokka range somehow, though I also blame The Fabric Store being between the guild and BOC where I go.


  2. What a wonderful colour on this fabric! I can see why you couldn’t leave it behind. I hear you on the gaping & people not mentioning it – hope you were able to fix that up for next time 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am quite fond of mustard coloured fabrics of late, they seem to work well with my current hair colour choice which is important! I haven’t solved the gaping yet – will do so once I have put it through the wash.


  3. What a fabulous blouse – love the fabric, the design really suits you. I see what you mean about the gape. I definitely tend to err on the side of caution. I know from experience that colleagues rarely comment. I had a split crotch seam once in my trousers at the back(knickers must have been on display all day) and not one person commented. I didn’t notice it till I got home!


  4. I made this last year for the Pattern Bundle Challenge during IPM. My solution for the gape was a few strategically placed sew-on snaps. They are completely invisible on the outside of the garment, but keep the wrap nice & secure.


  5. I always a vest underneath this shirt for the same reason as you. I’ve not tried stitching the wrap over the whole way yet though. I bet it works better though.


  6. Fabulous slippers dahling! Sorry about the bra fail, it happens to the best of us. And I love your co-worker’s comment “I thought you knew…” Like if you see you had snot hanging from your nose and ask “why didn’t you tell me?!”


    • Hehe – it was my boyfriend/partner who thought I knew. My colleagues at work didn’t say anything, which is good! They’re lovely ladies and I think they’d have said if they noticed – at least I hope they would have!
      And they are great slippers – very warm for the freezing weather we have been having!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oops. Read it wrong. It’s nice to have good colleagues though, isn’t it?
        And I know what you mean with the slippers. I had a similar pair and I wore them until they fell apart.


  7. I love the story behind this! I’m watching The X-Files for the first time but perhaps I’ve blanked out that episode from my mind as I can’t remember it! Oh, and slippers go with everything.


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