Warm Pants


With school holidays starting I was jump started into doing some sewing since youngest doesn’t seem to have enough trousers.  I had enough left of the fabric to do something for myself as well so chose the Portlander Pants by New Horizons.  I’ve not used any of their patterns before so it was a great choice for Indie Pattern Month on The Monthly Stitch.  The pattern was easy to follow and the fit was pretty much just right aside from length which is standard for me, I have short legs, all my length is in my torso.  These are a great pair of relaxed pants for just relaxing in, now by rights I should have finished youngest’s pants first, but I can’t find my elastic, so…


I don’t normally wear my top tucked in, so it’s normally a little more flattering, also not helped by the fact that it’s cold and wet and dark here at the moment.  I’ve got another pair almost finished, just the waistband and hem to do, I’ll finish them tomorrow, they’re in khaki coloured merino sweatshirting.

This pair is from deep stash, I owned the fabric for probably 14 or more years, I bought it before my youngest was born and originally had another colour in it.  That went to my mum to be used to make Gran something to wear in the resthome.   I think the fabric might be cotton, it’s got a good weight to it and is a knit on the side I’ve used as the right side and a terry loop on the back.

You can see the front of the fabric here, I did take a photo of the back, but for some unknown reason it’s disappeared from my computer/phone.   It’s a hard fabric to photograph at the best of times, and the lighting at the moment is awful!   You can see here the pocket on the front which I’ve overlocked for a more rustic look.  It doesn’t sit quite as well as I’d like, but overall I’m pretty happy, I suspect the other pair will have better behaving pockets since the material isn’t as heavy.  I do love the sewn on pocket look for these, it just works so well and made it easier to sew as well.

Will I make more?   Not yet, with the two pairs I’ve just made my casual pants drawer is now full, however the pattern is one I’ll definitely revisit when I need more trousers suitable for winter slobbing.  It also comes in a shorts version so I might try that for summer, though at the moment it’s hard to imagine summer, this winter’s been cold and wet and horrible!

I’ve got a little more detail including a photo of the other pair so far on my Blog.  Now I know these don’t really compete with some of the things people are wearing, but I wanted something that was going to work for my day to day life.  I’m a stay at home mum to two teenagers so don’t need business wear or many pretty dresses, plus it’s way too cold for most pretty dresses at the moment.


5 thoughts on “Warm Pants

  1. Three cheers for sewing clothes you will actually wear, even if they aren’t the most eye-catching of garments! I sew ridiculous amounts of pajamas, truth be told, because they get worn more anything else I own.


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