IPM2017: Announcing the Bundle Sale!

And now for something super exciting!

You will remember last year we ran our first Bundle Sale for Indie Pattern Month 2016.

A lot of you requested more flexibility within the pattern bundles, so we’ve worked with 16 designers to bring you flexibility, inspiration, and great discounts – yay!

For this Indie Pattern Month, you can pick your own patterns to make up a pattern bundle. All of the patterns are listed at the designers retail price, in USD, so it’s easy for you to pick and choose. You can buy as many patterns as you like – as little as one, or as many as all 16!

If you purchase 3-5 patterns, you’ll get 30% off the price of them all – enter the code SMALLBUNDLE at checkout to get the discount.

If you purchase 6 or more patterns, you’ll get 50% off the price of them all – enter the code BIGBUNDLE at checkout to get the discount.

(If you only purchase 1 or 2 patterns, you will pay the designers regular price.)

This Bundles Sale is only available during this Indie Pattern Month 2017, these great discounts will expire after July 31st 2017.

There are so many bundle options it’s impossible to show you them all but we’ll be making some helpful suggestions on our Facebook page over the next two weeks.

The 16 participating designers are all part of our overall sponsors for Indie Pattern Month – a great variety of amazing designers, and a whole range of styles so there’s sure to be something to suit your wardrobe! We’ve worked to put together a great variety from the following designers:



The Why.

So, what’s in it for you?

Well, you get to buy patterns at a heavily discounted price from some of our best indie pattern designers.

You get LOTS of patterns all at once to try plus it’s fun to discover new patterns and their designers.

What happens to the money?

The profits from each bundle sale will be split between the participating designers and The Monthly Stitch. A portion is also going to Womens Refuge New Zealand – a charity chosen by the designers.

The Monthly Stitch’s portion will be paying for all the website hosting and other fees associated with running the bundles. Anything left over out of our portion will go directly towards making The Monthly Stitch bigger and better than ever.

For Indie Pattern Month 2016, we ran three pattern bundle sales. As a result of these, we were able to buy more storage space for The Monthly Stitch which means we have space for another couple of years of project photos from everyone. Soon we will be able to move from a free to a paid WordPress account and then we will be able to get rid of ads. Yay!

We’ve been dreaming and planning the next evolution of The Monthly Stitch for some time (such as forums, more flexibility around how projects and challenges are displayed, etc) but up until now it has been just that, the dream of two very busy ladies who love being involved in the online sewing community and squeeze as much as they can of that into the gaps between professional full-time jobs, family and our own sewing!

We hope that the remainder of our profits from the bundles sales will be enough fund this next step. If everything goes well and you give us good feedback (and buy lots of amazing patterns) it’s possible that we could run bundle sales every Indie Pattern Month directly from our new self-hosted The Monthly Stitch site and continue to fund the running of a self-hosted Monthly Stitch solely through those profits.

So, in short, you get amazing patterns for cheap and in return we all get an amazing community blogging site!


OMG! How do I get me these sweet, sweet patterns?!

Right here! Click on the button below to make your dream pattern bundle come true!

Thank you to all the Indie pattern sponsors for their generosity and for supporting The Monthly Stitch and Indie Pattern Month this year xx


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