Anza Skirt + Dove

I’ve been thinking about making a skirt from my favourite dress pattern (Itch to Stitch Anza) as it is easy to wear and I like the hi low shape. I was glad to use up this blue bengaline (Minerva Fabrics – sold out in Teal) because I pre-washed it a while ago with the intentions of making a blazer and trousers combination before deciding it is a little bright for that. I  cut the length of the waistband piece but altered the width to accommodate 5cm/2inch elastic. The original waistband used 1cm elastic. I left off the drawstring too for a simple look. I also took an inch off the hem as it sits a little lower than waist height on me and I’m 5ft 4. Itch to stitch patterns are drafted for 5ft6. I wore it with Megan Nielsen Dove Blouse in Cotton Poplin – sewn sleeveless.

I purchased 3 metres of this white poplin last summer which made a charity dress and there was just enough for this top. The dove blouse needs a light or draping woven fabric but the cotton poplin work fine for a sleeveless. I made some armsyce binding to encase the raw edges and pressed outwards. The neckline and hem have inward facings which are topstitched.

I didn’t need to buy new fabric for these projects and I have versatile pieces to wear – they both have hi low hems (longer at the front and back, short at the side seams), which I find flattering.  I think I will make an ‘Anza’ skirt in black too for work. It’s easy to change a dress pattern that comes with a waistband as you don’t need to spend too much time drafting one.

Skirt with Toaster Sweater 2 in light jersey. My blog

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