A Simple Sleeve Hack

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I was lucky enough to snag the Moneta kit from Colette featuring a dreamy dark floral knit. I think it was sold out within a few hours.  When the fabric arrived, however, and a gorgeous, soft, lovely fabric it is, it decidedly wanted to be a Wren instead of a Moneta. The only problem being that I, um, might already have as many Wrens as I can possibly justify.  My solution? A simple sleeve hack and contrasting bodice bands, et voila, a slightly different look.

wren bodice

This sleeve hack is super easy; I just added a wide band in the same manner you would add a neckband to a tee. I cut the band five inches wide and an inch shorter than the length of the sleeve bottom. I stitched closed the short end to form a circle, folded it in half lengthwise, matched the edges of the band to the edge of the sleeve, sewed it on, and flipped it down. As you can see, I used a solid black knit on the sleeve band and front band piece to complement the floral.

wren flat

I was going for a kind of kimono/dress look.  Are you feeling it?

If you haven’t sewn this pattern yet, it goes together quickly.  I have to do an SBA for Colette woven patterns as they draft for a C cup size, but with their knit patterns I can get away with cutting a straight medium.  You may have read in reviews that the elasticized waist on this pattern can be tricky.  I recommend not trying to gather and attach the elastic in one step, unless you are really the boss of your serger. I usually sew in a few lines of gathering stitches, gather, then sew on the elastic, but this fabric held onto the thread in the gathering stitches and did not want to let me pull them.  I solved this by zigzagging over a long piece of upholstery thread instead, then drawing the upholstery thread up.  I’ve read of other sewists doing something similar with a piece of dental floss! After gathering I added the elastic. Totally worth the extra work because this fabric has a beautiful hand.  I won’t hesitate to grab the next kit. Those ladies know their fabric.

wren sleeve

Here’s a link to the pattern in case you fancy giving it a try:

Colette Patterns Wren

All that’s left is a quick pic of me in my new dress:

wren model

Thanks for all your droolworthy New-to-Me entries last week!

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  1. That dress is definitely droolworthy! Looks fabulous on you. Like the hacks and love the fabric. Very romantic looking. Kudos!


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