Elle Puls Tunika Elle meets Closet Case Kalle Shirt

Elle Puls Tunika Elle meets Closet Case Kalle Shirt is my contribution for TMS Hack it Challenge 2017. The TMS Team said: ‘take it up a notch and wow us with your mad hacking skills!’. I decided to mix the Tunika Elle with the Kalle shirt. The cropped version of the Kalle shirt has just like the Tunika Elle a wide faced hem. Both patterns have a hidden button placket, an optional breast pocket and band collar. After a night sleep I had some idea of how I would be mixing both patterns. I also had a test model of a welt pocket that I made more then two years ago. This pocket was perfect for this hack.


I liked the shoulder yoke of the Closet Case Kalle Shirt, the set-in sleeves, the side seam look of the Elle Puls Tunika Elle and used therefore the Elle Puls Tunika Elle to make my Elle Puls Tunika Elle meets Closet Case Kalle Shirt hack. Both yokes of the Tunika Elle are transformed into one yoke. The shaped center back is now straight and the neckline is slightly raised. This raised neckline also meant a new drafted band collar. Elle Puls Tunika Elle meets Closet Case Kalle Shirt has also fake turn up sleeve cuffs.


A band collar gives a shirt or blouse a kind of Asian look. This beautiful silk satin black/white fabric with floral pattern was in my stash. I bought this coupon almost three years ago after a congres visit. I also found a small piece of leftover light weight black fabric in my small red set of drawers. This piece of leftover fabric was perfect for the shoulder yoke facing, collar facing, hem facings, the hidden button placket and the welt pocket.


The welt pocket took an evening to make it using the test model as a guide because I couldn’t find the tutorial anymore. The Elle Puls Tunika Elle meets Closet Case Kalle Shirt was then sewn together. Although this wasn’t complicated at all I basted the blouse and used sometimes a fabric glue stick due to the fact that the silk satin fabric was a little bit slippery.

x-wit-zij-2 x-achter-heel-1

I’m pleased with the outcome of my hack. It looks exactly what I had in mind. The cropped, boxy style is prefect for all the summer days to come. It has an easy dressing, comfortable feeling on my white jeans and a chic, classic look on this black trousers. It even looks great on this black jeans made during the Denim never dies challenge. Sadly I won’t be joining the last Indie challenge. It’s completely my own mistake because I totally misunderstood the rules of this last challenge due to the fact I’m not a native speaking English person. Lesson learned and next year there will be a new change.



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  3. I cannot express enough how much I love what you did with those two shirts. The whole fit, length and shape is sharp! The pocket accents both the pattern and the fabric with sass! And your fabric and trim choice was excellent. I want that very blouse. Excellent and inspirational, thanks for sharing!

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    • Thank you so much for lovely comment. I was so lucky to have this coupon of a very expensive fabric. I loved the whole process of mixing the two patterns with lots of similarity but also each with their own features and making it into one with all my preferred details.


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