Moneta with some hacking stripes

Hello Monthly Stitchers! I’ve been a lurker for about two years now- and, of course, have love love loved all the posts that everyone puts up. So inspiring- all the time:)

Colette Monetta long

Soo, I originally had planned to make the Colette Moneta as a maxi and to have that be an entry for IPM dresses week, but after I misjudged my fabric amount, or, didn’t want to lay out my fabric pieces because I’m lazy so I just cut into it- you know, either one–I literally said to myself, “hmm, I’m seriously going to have to hack this to get this to be a maxi”. And since I’m stubborn and wanted a maxi, I was making a dang maxi. Soo, it became a hack!

Colette Monetta long


Matching stripes! I did it! Very proud here.


I also think I hacked the collar as well because, well, I couldn’t find any included instructions for a no collar, no sleeve version– even in the extra collar pack. Maybe it’s online somewhere? I think it should be–I love the sleeveless top version because the whole thing is lined- which made it much sturdier to hold the weight of the longer maxi. Instead of adding the collar, I just continued sewing the top – which was a little trickier and twisty up at the top of the shoulders- a lot of fabric-twist-sewing as I call it. or jamming. Get. Under. The. Needle. And. Get. Sewn.

Colette Monetta long

And for the bottom- I just added about 18″ to the “lengthen or shorten here” part, and then proudly put my maxi pattern onto my fabric and realized-not enough fabric lazy pants. That’s what the measure twice, cut once motto is! Ha! I don’t need mottos- I’ll cut the bottom 6″ or so off the pattern and squeeze it out of the extra remnants. It’s not quite the J.Crew look I was going for, but, my boyfriend says- it’s unique:) Anyways, I’m actually happy with it. Love a good maxi! Happy Sewing!

This is my ballet pose. And a hat makes all things stylish:)

14 thoughts on “Moneta with some hacking stripes

  1. This is amazing! Great Job on matching the side seams up 😉 and I love how you had to hack it! Adds great character. Looks so comfortable for these hot summer days. Love it.

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  2. Gorgeous – I’ve hacked the moneta too, but made it much shorter! I love this version. I love the Moneta full stop so a maxi might have to be my next version too. I have a stripy fabric which I’m intending to do a bit of pattern matching with. I figured a pattern I love so much would be ideal for tricky stripe matching, which I’ve never done before!

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    • Thanks so much! I love the idea of a shorter Moneta- kind of like a skater dress- very cute idea!- and I think this was a great project for stripe matching- since the pattern pieces are pretty simple- (and the stretch helps too- ha!)- it was very smooth getting them to match up. I was happily surprised:)

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