Hack for York!

Happy Friday, sewing community!

Another week is over and it seems like summer is almost over. I don’t think I will be making any other summer wardrobe additions this season (maybe, I am not sure), since I am already looking at voids and gaps to fill in my fall/winter wardrobe. I also haven’t posted my capsule wardrobes – I shall do that pretty soon!

Pretty much any pattern I take I add something, and I wanted to play around with York pattern a bit more + the IPM topic for this week was just perfect!


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To wrap up my summer sewing, so to say, I made this very ethnic-looking York hack with tons of embroidery. I find ethnic look mixed with simple blue jeans and Converse sneakers very down to earth and easy to wear. I am not sure why added red lips into the mix, but whatever – I wanted to try something new!

The hack consists out of 2 elements:

  1. The front embroidered flounce
  2. Back teardrop opening is sewn shut

york hack

Pattern: the original pattern is super awesome! York Pattern here. You can make it out of linen or cotton like I did, or you can make it out of jersey and stretch materials like I did here, or you can even turn it into a dress (that’s a possibility for a future). Pattern features one piece front bodice and 2 piece back bodice, which I reversed for this project. Since I needed to insert the flounce – I made the front bodice 2 piece and opted for a 1 piece back panel.


Fabric: very simple deep blue cotton poplin, hence all the creasing on the blouse. However, with a design like this it does not bother me. It is breathable, easy to care for and holds embroidery very well – just what I was going for!

Embroidery: I did embroidery with repetitive stitch pattern on my beloved Singer machine. Nothing fancy, no special attachments. I had to adjust bobbin thread tension after that, I think it wiggled it out of place.

It is a simple hack, but I do think it transforms the pattern into something very unique. What do You think?

york hack 3

york hack 2



6 thoughts on “Hack for York!

  1. This is so cute and you’ve given me a great idea for how to embroider a bottom panel on a Seamworks wrap skirt.


  2. ohhh! that is gorgeous! and such a brilliant idea to add the embroidery detailing. This made a rather ordinary design a really exceptional garment. Clever!


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