Mari-flint jumpsuit 

I actually did it; I hacked a pattern!!! I consider myself an advanced sewer, I’ve made a winter coat and jeans and love using knit fabrics but I don’t alter patterns.

I find a pattern I like and I follow the instructions with minimal changes only to fit my preference in technique etc. Then this challenge came up and I decided to push myself.

I had an image in my head (see above) of a culottes jumpsuit I have seen other people fashioning and figured I could copy it using two patterns I already own and have made so know they fit.

I used my Megan Nielsen Flint trousers and my Tilly and the buttons Marigold jumpsuit.

To hack the patterns together I remained with the original marigold top and waistband and overlapped the two trouser patterns.

I lined the pattern pieces up at the crotch section and maintained the width at the top of the marigold pattern as it has an elasticated waist and know from experience that my waist and hip measurements are quite far apart so get the trousers up but not too loose at the waist is a challenge!!

I found some lovely soft cotton rayon in my local fabricland in navy blue with tiny flowers.

Both trousers have pockets so that’s a bonus. I widened the trousers to flint proportions from crotch level down and that seems to have worked well to achieve that skirt come trousers effect that culottes create.

The top requires an invisible zip which I am pretty happy with 😊

I then tacked on the straps to try on and adjust. On my other jumpsuit the straps were a little short reducing the arm scye so I left these a little looser.

Apologies for my final photos, after weeks of heat in Britain the day the kids broke up for the summer holidays it pours it down; so indoor only photographs ☹️

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    • Thank you. I am creative with all my crafty pursuits but just not very brave to design something myself. When I have drafted patterns they haven’t always gone well!!


  1. Isn’t that always the way? You get something done for the warm dry weather and then down comes the rain?! Not that we have a chance of that here – torrential at the moment! Love your jumpsuit. So cute and great fabric choice.

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