Talking with Laura from Sew Chic

 One of our amazing returning sponsors for Indie Pattern Month 2017 is Sew Chic. Laura, the talent behind Sew Chic, designs gorgeous vintage-inspired sewing patterns. Kat caught up with her to find out how her patterns fit into her own wardrobe (because let’s face it – we’re always curious about how designers wear their own designs! 😉 )…

Hi Laura! Welcome to Indie Pattern Month 2017! You have so many gorgeous patterns! Which one do you find yourself wearing the most, and why?

Thank you! I’m so pleased to be a part of INDIE PATTERN MONTH once again!

The pattern style I wear the most may surprise you – it’s actually one that no one sees! Whether I’m dressing up or down, staying home or going out, anytime I have on an outfit with a full skirt, it will be paired with my Pretty Petticoat pattern #LN1208. I have two- one that is longer with moderate gathers and one that is shorter and more full. Full skirts and dresses just don’t have the right silhouette without the right structure underneath. This pattern guides you for both hand gathering or using a ruffler foot technique.

Which is your favourite design to pull out for special occasions, and why?

If it’s a very formal occasion I can’t go wrong with the design called Fifth Avenue #LN1311. This dress is stunning on everyone, in part because the details are so distinctive and also because it’s a great
silhouette for all figure types. The details on this dress creates the illusion of a curvy figure for those that are boxy, and a curvier figure for those who have curves. The short person looks tall and a tall person gets taller. Fashion should always be good to our figure.

We’re always curious about how much of their own wardrobe people make – how much of your wardrobe do you  think you have made yourself?

My personal wardrobe is probably 50/50. I haven’t sewn any jeans and t-shirts for years because they are plentiful in the marketplace. Besides shoes, one thing I buy a lot of is white t-shirts. I have my
fair share of button down sweaters too, but generally I reserve my sewing time for making things that are a little beyond the t-shirt, though I do have a number of pattern styles for beginners and basics
such as the Starter Skirt #LN1000 and the Phantom Pant #LN1106. Even though I love to dress up, these styles are comfortable and continue to serve an important place in my everyday wardrobe.

What’s your favourite pattern to sew, and why?

This is a difficult question!  How can I choose just one? Though I enjoy them all, after much thought I decided that at any moment in time my favourite to sew has to be my newest! I say this because the new pattern is the one that has yet to be creatively explored, adapted to new uses, and style personalities that are yet to be developed. At this very moment, my favorite pattern is the Averly #LN1720. It’s a sweet and romantic dress with a midriff drape and bow that is quick to make and comfortable to wear. I’m itching to make this one in a suiting fabric for fall.

We’d love to see how you wear your designs! Can you show us some of your favourite outfits and tell us about them?


The Tia Dress has been a best seller for years, and I have made it a number of times.

Another one I love is one of my new releases, the Vignette Skirt LN#1720. One of my favorite features of this high waist skirt is the boning placed in the waistband to keep the front from rolling down. It has the essential pockets, piping detail, and the pleated detail at the hem is so VINTAGE!

We did this video to show everyone how to make those pleats quickly and accurately:

This skirt is one of those get dressed fast styles. With a simple Tee, and a pair of heels I’m ready to go anywhere. This pattern has recently been made into a PDF and will be part of the INDIE PATTERN MONTH bundle sale. I hope you will all give it a try!

A big thanks to Kat and everyone for hosting this wonderful online event for all of us. I hope I’ve provided you with some inspiration for easy to make quick and chic fashion!

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