Indie Royalty: Peace & Passion

This is my third and final entry for Indie Pattern Month 2017: Indie Royalty. After having Christchurch declared in a state of emergency yesterday due to heavy rain and flooding, my plans of a photo shoot were totally thwarted. But the sun is out today! Which is good not only because photos are possible, but because half these outfits are not designed to be worn without merino under layers at this time of the year.

For Indie Royalty I have chosen to make a mini collection of 4 pieces, 4 outfits – so Project Runway right now. These makes includes 2 repeat makes of patterns in my stash (1&4 – both the pants, shocker right?!), and 2 makes of brand new patterns (2&3). And, 2 Named patterns because I am in love with them *sigh*. (Not going to lie, bucket list goal is to have Named pin one of my makes on Pinterest. Just leaving this here in the hope the Named ladies are reading 😉 )

I’ve titled this #minicollection Peace & Passion because all the items are blue or red, and these colours symbolise these very important attributes. Red and blue are both colours that are often associated with royalty, as well as just happening to be my favourite colours ❤ I’ve also tried to go all regal on the styling.

Number 1: The Alpi Chinos, Named Patterns

Contrast pocket lining – always fun!

  • Fabric & notions: Cornflower blue, cotton drill with a flocked underside, purchased second hand. Vintage button from stash, purchased zip and thread, iron-on interfacing on hand.
  • Details: Made size 42 but with alterations as listed below. Added some stitching on the back pockets, of which I am quite proud.
  • Alterations: Lengthened the crotch, sway back alteration, high hip adjustment, and decreased the back in seam.
  • Comments: This fabric is more suited to this pattern than the first fabric I made this pattern up in, however it does ease out so much that they get baggy very quickly. Also I didn’t staystitch the waistband (not included in instructions – grrr – but I should know better!) which meant the pants grew while sewing and consequently are a bit baggy around the waist. I think third time will be the charm with this pattern.

Number 2. The Talvikki Sweater, Named Patterns

  • Fabric & notions: Some poly sweatshirting from my sister’s stash. Thread on hand, fabric paints from sister.
  • Details: Made size 40/42. First time make of this pattern, and it was very easy and simple to make. This is a ‘wearable muslin’, and I have some amazing mohair that I will make it up in next.
  • Alterations: None.
  • Comments: I think I might take the side seams in a fraction on my next make, and lower the vents about 2.5cm. While this sweatshirting has a decent amount of structure, I do think this pattern is really designed for a boiled wool or similar. This will also help give a less “baggy fit”. The painting does obscure the seam lines a little which are the main feature of the pattern, but without the painting it was just too plain for me.

Please take a silent moment with me to appreciate my garage door. Thank you.

Side split

Spot the cat owner

Number 3. The Tea House Dress (top variation), Sew House Seven

  • Fabric & notions: Striped cotton in stash – secondhand, a gift from sister, red thread on hand, iron-on interfacing on hand.
  • Details: Made the Top, View A, size 10
  • Alterations: None made.
  • Comments: I won this pattern in IPM16 and I can see myself making the dress variation of this pattern for sure. It’s a great pattern, I like the way Sew House Seven lay out their instructions and the little “You could use French seams here” type of tips along the way. I tried to really play with the stripes, which I am pretty happy with, especially given the painterly nature of the stripes.

Stripe play


Number 4. The Guise Pants. Pappercut Patterns

  • Fabric & notions: As above, red thread, elastic and iron-on interfacing on hand. Vintage button from stash.
  • Details: I cut the S (as I have finally gotten my head around Papercut’s sizing), the first time I made these pants they were just way too big and I ended up giving them away 😦
  • Alterations: I deepened the crotch curve, added 5 cm to the hem, my high hip adjustment and decreased the back in seam. Sadly this meant that (having cut the S) I was short fabric in my side seams. I could still get them on fine, it just meant that the side seams twisted to the back. So I added a small panel to remedy this, but now know for next time to curve out the back side seam to accommodate the deeper crotch curve for this pattern. I didn’t add the welt pockets or riders as I felt it wasn’t right for the style of pant I envisioned, and also the weight of the fabric.
  • Comments: I enjoyed playing with the stripes on this one too. I’m not in love with how they look around the crotch, but it’s definitely a major improvement from last time. With fabric this light, I probably needed to use a heavier interfacing for the wasitband. I feel like I am 75% there with this pattern, but can see that I will get it working for me 100% by next time, if there is a next time. So many pants, so little time.

Bum cam

Stripe play

Now brace yourself for the barrage of outfit photos. I can’t decide on my favourite combos. What do you think?




Thanks Mel & Kat for your amazing work. It’s been such a great IPM and I have really enjoyed my second time participating and getting to participate more. XX

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  2. 2 pants, plus the tops? You must have been sewing night and day! I think the red set is my favorite, you look so radiant in that combo 🙂

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  3. Woooow! What a great capsule collection! You really went all out! I love everything, but especially the tops. I’ve been eying that sew house seven pattern and now that I’ve seen it on someone other than the model, I think I need to get it!
    I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe. I think I should put more thought into doing something like that to get more miles out of my separates.

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    • Thanks Joanne! It’s always nice to see things on a person in real life rather than a model in a Photoshoot all professionally styled etc! I’ve never done this before but think it’s something I need to try more, a good way of preventing orphans.

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  4. As noted above, great job, Naomi! As always, your projects are unique and personal. I love all of them. Sorry to hear about the bad weather but happy to hear the sun is out again. Your garage door is smashing! 🙂 It seems as though bad weather has been happening all over. In Europe, they are scorched. Over here, we’ve been having an unusually rainy summer and there was a lot of flooding in late spring.

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      • Ahh…I’m embarrassed… I am not so discerning. Overly analytical, yes.. 🙂 I love your style. This is a great site and the projects so interesting. I’m glad you have introduced me to it. I may have to join in next year!!

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    • Thanks Jo! Was pretty damn stoked with my prize for New to Me. And thanks for your kind comments. It’s been fun putting together this collection. I felt so fancy!


    • Thanks! Apart from my ongoing Cabaret wardrobe, I’ve not done this before, and it was a lot of fun. And thanks, looking forward to when my hair is completely silver. My hairdressers says I will look like a wolf, and I say to that “oooooooouuuuuuwwwww!”

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  5. Wow, Naomi!! I love your mini wardrobe, especially the cool fabric paint on your Named Talvikki! I would be thrilled to have that lovely item hanging in my closet. My favorite outfit through is the striped ensemble. Love the striped top version of the Sew House Seven dress with those striped pants. Hmmm, how to compete with this stunning entry…,

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    • Thanks LEG. I’m so happy with how the painting came out. Think it’s something I’d like to play with more. And I’m also happy with my faux jumpsuit.


  6. Love your red striped “suit” – it’s just gorgeous! Your painting on the Named Talvikki is so artsy! Love it 🙂 Two of my favourite indie pattern companies for sure – Named and Papercuts and you’ve really highlighted why 🙂

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    • Thanks! I’m very happy with those two things too, the suit was a bit of a risk but it came out exactly how I thought it would. And the painting was so much fun, I think I will do more.


  7. Oh Naomi, this mini wardrobe is just STUNNING! As are you! You won’t be surprised to know that the Talviki and Alpi are in my queue, and my outfit post is quite Named heavy too 😉 thanks for the beautiful inspiration!

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  8. You are super organised! I love the stripes on the top, and that’s definitely a different take on the fabric painting! Nice work!

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  9. Amazing. You have been busy! I love that you’ve made a Mini capsule wardrobe. Those chinos are my favourite on you but I love the Sew House Seven Top. Thanks for including the link- I’m after a shirt like that you I think I might have found the perfect one thanks to you! I haven’t even started my 2 indie royalty makes so I’m impressed! Better get going.

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  10. Oh no, I had no idea the weather was that bad down south! Bizarre to see where I used to live in Dunedin flooding in the photos. I really like that red top, the stripe layout turned out really well.

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  11. BOOM! Indie Royalty indeed. I hoped Named are reading and they pin your make because it is awesome! I think my favs are a toss up between 1+3 and 3+4 although I love the Talviki too. Go you. 🙂 Gauntlet well and truly laid down 😉

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