Introducing DP Studio

We love discovering new Indie pattern designers as much as you do! This year we are excited to meet DP Studio, a fabulous and excited label offering us our own opportunity for DIY “creative dimension”.

First up, tell us all a bit about your designs.  How would you describe your style/aesthetic?

Our patterns line is defined in a creative universe, bringing a reflection of the current fashion trend in terms of shapes, materials, colors, etc.

Our objective is to work as fashion designers, developing complete collections, defining a universe, a trend, a way to wear the garment, to combine it.

This creative dimension was not yet developed in the “do it yourself” industry and as all my experience was made in the creative universe, it seemed logical to continue in this way.

Our wish is to bring the fashion and “do it yourself” world closer, to finally offer to the customers different ways to understand fashion:

Learn the job through books.

Create your own clothing from our basic patterns

Sew your own pattern from our sewing patterns

For the next collections, we will probably also propose the finished product.

How did your come up with the name for your label?

The term “studio” has very quickly imposed itself, because it can be understood in several languages and represents the place where people create in the universe of sewing and fashion designers, the studio of the creator is a very special place in a house.

“Dp” simply represents my initials and since I was the founder of this brand it came naturally.

We’d love to know the story behind your business.  What inspired you to create and sell patterns?  How did it all start?

I have been in the fashion world for 30 years and especially in the luxury world. I have worked for different companies such as Christian Dior, Pierre Balmain. Later I created my own company to develop my own collections, then I went to China to work for an American company. On my return to France, I became a trainer at “l’école de la chambre syndicale de la couture parisienne” (my former school where I learned the job). I was teaching style and cutting flat. Very often my students were asking me for support in addition to their courses; “l’école de la chambre syndicale de la couture parisienne” did not publish books on technique, I thought that with my rich past in this job, I was given to design a flat cutting method to  share my know-how of the luxury universe.

After five years of hard work, the dp studio method comes out in three books representing more than 1,700 pages, enabling the design of women’s clothing by flat cutting modeling.

As a result of these books, I put on sale the base patterns from these books, offering people the opportunity to design their own creative ideas.

To go even further and especially to bring a creative dimension to dp studio, sewing patterns appeared in November 2016. The choice to make sewing patterns was very fast, faced with the enthusiasm that our method stirred up., Our basic patterns and above all the “Do it yourself” which gives pride of place to sewing.

And looking forwards, where would you like your business to be in five years time?

We want to develop the dp studio environment at an international level, because our style meets success outside our borders.

For the books, the translations are currently being prepared for China, Russia, Spain and we are dealing with England, Korea and Japan. Many possibilities open to us, because this method is a key element in dp studio business, allowing to attribute to us a technicity to any test, seriousness, identity.

For sewing patterns, the launch being more recent, we have more challenge to set up for yet. Once these patterns are well established, we will probably build collections of finished products to catch other customers and to have a complete offer (books, patterns, sewing patterns, clothes).

Our dream and our ideal is to be able to open a dp studio shop to give customers the opportunity to find this universe and also to allow them to discover their own richness.

Where do you do all your work?

Our workspace is in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, near the famous fashion houses.

What’s your favourite part of releasing a new design?

In a general way, to conceive, to create is a master word for me. Since my childhood I created, besides I think I was born for it.

If I had to detail a little more, I would say that the most interesting part remains without context the creation. Designing a collection as a whole is a crucial step and one of the most intoxicating, by the freedom of expression that gives us, the possibility to seek, to discover new forms, colors, subjects sensations, etc … It is a pure wonder to have this ability to master his subject, to develop his models.

Now and with hindsight and my experience, I can also say that designing a pattern, a canvas, a prototype is always a step full of wealth, satisfaction.

Thinking of your gorgeous designs, what’s your favourite of all your designs so far, and why?

It is difficult to answer this question, because in every moment new ideas arise, making us forget the past. Of course some models may have marked us more than others, but the important thing in this job is to always create, advance, feel and above all do not fall rest on its success.

This is the most important, to stay in the trend, to keep a current, and above all, a creative image.

Maybe later, if I stop I will be more able to analyse the feel of a finished work and perhaps be proud of my experience.

How does it feel to see your patterns made up by others?

I am very often amazed by the technicality and mastery of some of our customers. Precision, care, reflection during the making of their model. It is a real pleasure for us to discover these clothes once finished, for it is true that each substance, each color can transport us into another world, another energy and instill another look at their proposals. We put at the disposal of the public a pattern, but according to their way of life, this one will sail in a universe sometimes intimist sometimes creative, classical or so cheeky.

Who or what inspires you, either with your designs or with your business?  (Or both!)

I am a painter since my youngest age. Inspiration comes to me from nowhere and from everywhere at the same time. Obviously we can talk here about trips for great discoveries, a movie, a documentary, a museum, etc … but I also want to specify a piece of crumpled paper, a peak, even see the dust can be strong inspiring elements.
On a purely creative level, the inspiration is complete, the artist has to appropriate it according to his moods, his desires.
On a fashion aspect, of course there is an aim, I mean a customer to satisfy. It is essential to consider these imperatives. I must then open my creativity with new horizons, but within a defined framework (technicality, innovation, novelty, etc.).

Do you have any new patterns coming out soon?  Any hints you can give us?

Our new patterns will be presented at the next “CSF show” in Paris next November.

I was wonderful to hear the story and DP Studio and feel the passion behind creating these patterns. We can’t wait to see more!