The Rose City Halter Dress from Sew House Seven

One of my favourite indie designers (are the editors allowed to have favourites?) is Sew House Seven. Based in Portland, United States, Peggy from Sew House Seven designs a range of classic styles with a twist. I caught up with her to hear more about the Rose City Halter Dress pattern – one of the patterns in the Indie Pattern Month bundle sale….


Hello Peggy, and welcome to Indie Pattern Month 2017!

Hello Indie Sewers! What a fun month this is for me as I view all of your lovely makes. This year I am so happy to be an Indie Pattern Month sponser again and to have the Sew House Seven Rose City Halter Dress pattern included included in the bundle sale.

Speaking of the Rose City Halter Dress – we’d love to hear more about this pattern. Tell us more!

The Rose City Halter is a little different than the other patterns I have in my collection but it’s one of my personal favorites.  It’s a classic summertime halter dress with 2 skirt options – a gathered version with in-seam pockets and an A-line, bias cut version with patch pockets.  The bodice is fitted with bust darts and has a V-neckline, halter neck ties and an invisible side zipper. It’s a classic style and nothing new or innovative yet, when I was looking for a dress pattern like it, I couldn’t find one so… I made one.

The motivation for the design of this pattern was purely selfish I must admit. I drafted the first incarnation of this pattern about 9 years ago and made 3 dresses.  I still wear all of those dresses like crazy in the summer and I have added more to my collection. I love a good halter dress!

I decided to make a few pattern tweaks and put it out there for the public as I think it’s a style that is timeless and flattering and can take on so many personas depending on the fabric chosen.

It’s such a lovely style, and has some great details, such as the tucks at the neck ties, and the lined bodice. How hard is it to make?

I should warn you, I rated this pattern as advanced beginner but it probably should be an intermediate style. I had several advanced beginner pattern testers who were able to make it so I rated it as such, but, I have since thought otherwise because of the invisible side zipper. It’s really not as difficult as it looks but a fitted bodice can also take a little patience when it comes to fitting. However, I think as a halter dress it’s a little more forgiving because you can adjust the ties. I have also seen it on some pretty full busts and some smaller busts and it seems to be able to accommodate a larger range of bust sizes than I imagined.

Anyhow, it’s a sweet little sundress or a gorgeous formal or bridesmaid dress and it’s not a here today gone tomorrow style. Oh and I should add that you can wear a bra under it! I didn’t intentionally design it that way (I’m embarrassed to say) but, have recently found that out from several customers.

There are some gorgeous versions floating around on the internet. Can you share some of your favourites?

Here are a few of my favorite versions.

There are 3 different versions in the Lakes Makery blog, including this lovely gingham one:


There are 2 different versions on the Bolt and Spool blog, including a formal dress version:


@malloryallory on Instagram:

@lucyandmabs on Instagram:


And of course yours!

Aww, shucks! Thanks, Peggy! I must admit, I wear my version all the time – I take it with me travelling too as it’s so easy to dress up or down for any situation. Love it! 🙂
Thanks for talking with us Peggy, and thanks again for sponsoring Indie Pattern Month!

Thanks for reading!

Keen to try out a Sew House Seven pattern for yourself? The Rose City Halter is in the Indie Pattern Month bundle sale, and Peggy has given us a discount code for her website for TMS readers, valid for the next week – use the code INDIE25 for 25% off all Sew House Seven patterns.