A Royal Capsule Wardrobe

For this challenge, I am sharing 8 garments that I made this month! Originally, I planned to make two for the other challenges but I never got them finished in time. Summer tends to be a busy time and the end of the competitions just never fell on a date that worked for me. I had friends and family visiting and all sorts of plans that got in the way of sewing. The extension on this challenge meant I got all the things I had planned done. I made the following:

Blank Slate Barton Shorts in a floral linen rayon blend with cotton lace trim. I made a 3XL and did a few adjustments to make them fit my backside. Unfortunately, the trim shrunk in the wash and the fabric did a bit too. They fit perfectly before they hit the dryer, but sadly got mixed into a load for drying. Next time, I will avoid the dryer. Linen likes to shrink too much. 😉

Cashmerette Concord t-shirt in Hello Kitty print cotton lycra. I made a 22G/H graded to a 24 at the waist. It’s seriously my favourite shirt to date. I want to wear it all the time.

Swoon Scarf Neck Cardigan in a lightweight rib knit with white and green stripes. I made size XXL with no adjustments. This is a new to me company. I really love the cardigan and plan on making several more. I’d love to try Swoon’s bag patterns next.


Blank Slate Oceanside shorts in green rayon linen blend. I made a 3XL again with a full butt adjustment and I lengthened them by 2 inches and put 1 inch elastic in instead of 1/2 inches and eliminated the drawstring. They also shrank a bit in the wash, but the extra length helped.

Cashmerette Dartmouth top in pink monkey bamboo jersey. I made a 22G/H graded to 24 at the waist. I had to shorten the length by about 3 inches. It might have been because the fabric is really drapey and heavy. I love it. It fits perfectly.

Decades of Style Three’s a Charm Jacket in black jersey. The pattern is made for wovens but I really wanted to try it in a knit. I love the style. It ends up as a boxy jersey jacket. I made the largest size with an FBA. I think it was a 2 inch FBA, but it’s been a while since I made the pattern that it may have been a different number.


Cashmerette Upton skirt hack. I made a 24. I had to shorten it to fit it on my fabric. It’s green cotton. I gathered the skirt instead of pleated and extended the waistband by 2 inches to get an overlapping back for my closure. I think next time I will shorten the front waistband by an inch and half since it ended up a bit too long.


Cashmerette Webster dress in a soft pink and white patterned cotton. I made a size 22G/H graded to a 24 at the waist. I added a waist tie and made no other adjustments. I love the result, but would probably want to grade up the back a bit more.


I love how I accidentally made a nicely matching capsule wardrobe. I bought most of the fabric at the thrift store and it just happened to go together really well. I got the Pink Monkey print locally, the linen rayon fabrics were from fabricville and the cotton lycra Kello Kitty print was from a Christmas gift exchange at a Sewcialist meet up here in Toronto.

These two collages don’t even show every combination for the capsule wardrobe:



I’ll be sharing more information on each garment on my blog in the next couple of weeks.

20 thoughts on “A Royal Capsule Wardrobe

  1. LOVE the hello kitty top too, I also love the whole vibe of your collection. It reminds me of watermelons and summer days. You look fabulous in every piece. 🙂 Also, BOOM, you are clearly a speedy sew-ist. What an achievement!


  2. I love the grid you did showing all the outfits! You have a great eye for prints- but I have to say that Aztec printed dress is just so super cool!


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