“I did the only thing I could in the circumstance…I stabbed him in the shoulder!” Challenge Four – Indie Royalty

Hello again, fine people of the internet!

My Indie Royalty look is a lazy homage to my favourite lady detective, Ms Phryne Fisher. She wears a lot of fantastic oversize coats throughout the series, and that was the beginning of my outfit. Then a top, and pants to go – because how is a lady detective expected to chase down dastardly criminals wearing a dress?!


I started with a beautiful Marc Jacobs wool blend heavy jersey which I picked up at The Fabric Store for a song. I adore it, it is heavy and warm, and I have named my creation ‘the coatigan’ as it is not quite a coat and not quite a cardigan.

I used the Colette Seamwork Oslo pattern, and cut the largest size. Fair warning – this pattern seems to have been designed for someone with extremely long arms – with the cuffs at full extension (not folded) I have a good foot of fabric hanging over the end of each hand! But it is comfortable and warm, and perfect for how freezing cold it has been lately!


It was also my first foray into self-cover buttons, and I am so glad I went with that – they look incredible if I do say so myself!


In keeping with the lady detective theme, I made the Scroop Ngaio blouse. As Dame Ngaio is a local lady, it seemed fitting for me to make something for her when making a lady detective outfit. I chose a very light rayon crepe, which was about as easy to work with as it would be to sculpt water. But I love it, and I think it was worth the work. I did a 1.5 inch bicep adjustment on the sleeves, and next time will probably do a wide hip adjustment. I cut a F+ bust in size 50, and the hips are just a tad slim for my tummy. But still very wearable! And a quick sew – I put together the paper pattern, cut my pieces, overlocked all the pieces, and put the top together in just under 4 hours total – pretty impressive for me! I did omit the piece of fabric meant to cover the gathering – I really liked how it looked without it, might give it a go next time!


The instructions were fabulous and easy to follow, and I liked the option of the detailed or the basic options, so I could breeze over bits I knew how to do, like the sleeves, but look at more detailed explanations for things I wasn’t sure of, such as attaching the upper and lower bodice pieces.

The last piece in my outfit is probably my favourite – my gorgeous Designer Stitch Alyse pants.


For starters, they make my ass look amazing. Secondly, the style is really cute on. Thirdly, I sewed these straight from pattern with no alterations and they fit perfectly.
I’ll say it again for the people in the back – I SEWED THESE PANTS STRAIGHT FROM PATTERN AND THEY FIT ME!! I was astounded, and very pleased. I sewed them from a bengaline, which did have a good spandex content, and I cut a straight size 10, and the only thing I needed to do was take an inch off the hem because I’m only 5’5”.


I love everything about these pants. They are comfortable, fit well, and look amazing. I put the zip on the right hip instead of the left, as I find that more comfortable. I also will NOT follow the instructions next time for zip insertion. I didn’t like the way the instructions said, but thought ‘nope, follow the instructions’ and then wished I hadn’t. I just don’t think it’s the tidiest zip insertion method. Next time, and there will be a next time, I will definitely be going with my normal method.

And so that’s my Indie Royalty outfit! I had an amazing time, and many thanks to the kind sponsors of this year’s Indie Pattern Month, and to our amazing admins – it wouldn’t have happened without you!

And now, I will stand here and wait for my handsome detective to catch up.


20 thoughts on ““I did the only thing I could in the circumstance…I stabbed him in the shoulder!” Challenge Four – Indie Royalty

  1. I’m a HUGE fan of Phryne as well – wow what an perfect outfit inspiration Goddess! Love your outfit from head to toe. The jacket, top and pants are a lovely combo. Your pants ARE amazing! And right out of the package – now that’s astounding for pants I must say. Love your top. I’ve seen this top a number of times and love that the cup sizes go up to mine! (F) I’ve been SORELY tempted with this pattern for months but I REALLY dislike PDF and resist them fiercely I must admit. If this pattern were in available in print I’d have ordered it long ago!

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    • If you have somewhere that can print A0 then it does come with a copy shop version! It would have been $7 for me to get the A0 printed, but it was -8°C when I got up and didn’t want to go out in that!


      • I do have access to a print shop that I was told knew everything there was to know about printing off patterns and it only costs $5! Off I went to get a couple printed and sadly the woman had no clue about printing off patterns and proceeded to print them off on 11 X 17 size paper (good for absolutely nothing) and they came out perfect sizing for doll clothes. They agreed it was their mistake and offered to reprint them which took them an extra 2 days (putting me once again at the bottom of the cue) and the fee was $15 per pattern. So either those who told me about this place were lying through their teeth or I just got unlucky. Likely I just got really unlucky but the whole experience just compounded my already enormous dislike for printing online patterns 🙂 Trust me I’ve tried 🙂


  2. Excellent! The jacket is lovely and all the pieces together are very smart! And, o.k., I’m one that usually has to lengthen sleeves. I get SEAMWORK, and thinking it will get some consideration ;-). Good job!

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  3. Omg Heather these garments are awesome buy also I love love love these colours on you and that lippie. Just loving all of the elements and the overall outfit. Smashed it!

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  4. Boom! You look amazing. When we were living in Adelaide they had an exhibition of costumes from the Miss Fisher series…. Oh my hat! It was AMAZING. It was in this beautiful historic building and the rooms were all decked out for different episodes and there was a haberdashery room with a video of them making costumes…. and a shop at the end. SO good. Love the coat and the top and how exciting for the pants to be just right! Did you do the copy shop versions in the end. You look fab. Well done you!

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