Willamette & Rosari

I dress modern, but I love pretty details. I prefer buttons to zips and I even enjoy sewing them! I also prefer to wear woven tops (less cling, fewer dog hairs!). For my indie outfit I made a white shirt (Hey June – Willamette) and then a button up skirt (Pauline Alice – Rosari) to go with it.

Hey June Willamette Shirt. I purchased this pattern on its release, these oversized shirts seem to be popular in the sewing world lately and they look comfortable and trendy. I like the loose kimono cut sleeves with some coverage. I chose to print the cropped version because I need more shirts that pair nicely with separates. I’ve started another cropped version in a Hawaiian print cotton – I will get to the other views eventually! You can sew it in a standard length and a contrast version – which would be lovely with reverse stripes or an eyelet fabric contrast.

The lighting is better here, I think you need a dark backdrop to photograph white.

This white cotton poplin I purchased in 2016. It’s the perfect shirt fabric because it’s not too transparent, topstitching looks crisp and it presses well.  I used medium interfacing for the collar and a light/medium for the front facings.

My only dislike is that I would prefer a collar stand but it is fine for a casual shirt.

I added two dainty clear-white buttons partly for modesty and I like the shirt look for this fabric – When I come to sew a drapey version I won’t resist buttons on that too!


Pauline Alice has such a lovely, carefree but pretty style. This skirt is the first pattern I’ve sewn up and I loved sewing it.This skirt was released in 2015 so I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed it before?!  I adore the denim coin-pocket skirt and I would love a white denim or twill version. Fabric is a navy and white bengaline, which has a stretch but it is not needed. I used golden/charcoal tortoiseshell buttons. Understitched the button facings and waistband so it was crisp to press and topstitch. I would say the waistband comes up 1 inch smaller than the garment measurement listed. I left off the belt loops.

This skirt is good value at 8 Euros (pdf) with four different pocket types and two lengths. You can sew a pleated pocket, coin -jeans pockets, plain pocket or zip pocket. Really happy with this outfit and I know I will sew multiple repeats! It is also office friendly.

7 thoughts on “Willamette & Rosari

  1. I’m impressed that you love sewing buttons – definitely my least preferred sewing activity, I much prefer zips! I think you are right this is a perfect office outfit. I hadn’t realized that the shirt is a popover – must check it out so practical and less buttons to sew!)


  2. Very cute! Love the skirt. Thanks for the waistband advice. I’m looking at the Moss too, but like the button front and many pocketS on the Rosari. By the by, I like the blouse untucked. It doesn’t have the “untucked” look as a shorter length.

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